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Blended learning:

Blended learning is the learning method of education in which the teacher and students are connected through an online channel. The teacher and students both can see each other. However, it is not a supplement of traditional learning methods but a way to improve and carry on the learning process. Face to face learning and online learning are combined in blended learning. Blended learning is also called hybrid learning.

Blended learning could be more easily understand with an example. Students are supposed to attend very few or even once a week in-person classes in the traditional method in their classrooms in blended learning. For the rest of the days, the learning process is continued via digital technology or online. In this process, they have control over time and place.  As with the pace of time and situation, many new learning methods are introduced, but this blended learning is mostly considered.

Pandemic and blended learning:

Although online teaching was introduced before, it has become more effective and used at every level after the coronavirus’s breakdown. Traditional learning was replaced by online teaching for some time as all the educational institutions were closed due to pandemic. Online resources to help students have also become active to help students in their studies like assignment writing service hired a subject specialist professional team of writers to write assignments. The alternate method that teachers and educational institutions find to solve this problem was blended learning.

10 reasons why teachers love blended learning:

When it comes to the teacher’s choice and preference for new learning methods, they love blended learning. There are multiple options for teachers. They can use handouts, recorded lectures, videos, and many other different things to teach students. The reasons for choosing blended learning as out all-new learning method are:

Save time:

Blended learning saves the teacher’s time. In the traditional education method, most of the instructor or teacher’s time was spent combining, stapling, arranging, and filing the notes and handouts for the students. Preparing physical and practical activities for them, but in blended learning, they did not have to spend time in all these things. They can simply upload the students’ handouts and attach the questions and activities with them. Even could also share the link of the website from where they could enhance their learning.

Increase one on one interaction between teacher and students:

Blended learning increases one on one interaction between teacher and students. Those students who feel shy and hesitate to ask anything in the class can easily ask during online class or write their query in the chat. Through the online class, the chances of interaction between one student to another. The teacher also tries to engage students in online discussions.

Increase cost efficiency:

Schools and teachers have to spend a lot of money in terms of repairs during classes. They need copies, ink, card sheets, a photocopy machine, and many types of stuff to teach the students. And these things require a lot of money, but in blended learning, they do not need to spend their money on such things and equipment they just need a good internet connection and a laptop or computer for taking an online class, which they already have because internet and PCs are used in traditional learning method also.

Spend more time in planning:

As blended learning saves time. So now they have more time to plan the syllabus more innovatively and interestingly. They spend more time planning and outlining the methods for making the learning more effective and easy, searching for a new hands-on activity for their students.

Less time in grading:

The digital platform allows the teachers to instar progress reports of the students. Blended learning made it easy for the teachers to give instant feedback about their performance and progress. The teacher could have an opportunity to give students instant feedback and get the feedback and analyze the flaws and learning gaps. It made the grading transparent as the teacher can easily see which student has done what.

Engage students:

Blended learning is more engaging for the students. The teachers mostly gave assignments and projects. The students have to do research about it and go deeper into it. This inspires the students to learn about new things and also enhances their skills.

Work from home:

In blended learning, classes are mostly taken online, or an online mode of education facilitates the teacher. They can easily take classes from their homes in a cozy and comfortable environment. They do not need to spend five or six hours away from home to teach them. They can easily take classes from home on time and then could continue the work they are doing. Blended learning helps spend time in a productive way for both teacher and student.

Teaching in team:

Blended learning helps the teacher to teach a large number of students at the same time. For example, a teacher teaches or gave lectures in two or three different classes or even institutions. Blended learning made it easy for them to teach all of their students simultaneously because the place factor does not matter in blended learning. Students and teachers could take a class from anywhere.

An effective method of checking progress:

Blended learning provides easy methods of checking the progress of the students and conducting their tests. Many different apps help the teacher take the test and assessment of students and set a deadline for the assignments. The room is locked after the given time so that the students would submit their work on time as they would not be able to submit it after the teacher’s deadline.

Have fun:

Teachers could teach in a more interesting way of blended learning. They can share videos, pictures, PDDs, and documentaries related to the topics and make learning fun. It helps students to learn more and quickly.

As the pandemic is still there, and still many countries are having a high ratio of cases and deaths, therefore, in this case, blended learning is one of the secure ways for students to get an education.

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