10 Tips To Consider Before Buying Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is one significant part of weddings. For quite a long time, the wedding cake has been worshipped. It’s either utilized as the centerpiece on the buffet table or set on a unique table planned explicitly for the cake. The motivation behind why wedding cakes are so significant for weddings is that they’re essential for the tradition. The bride and groom are the ones who take the first nibble. The wedding cake is a pivotal supplement to your big day. It is awkward to have a wedding cake that isn’t appropriate for a wedding theme. I guess everybody would agree with me that the wedding cake assumes a vital job in a wedding. Hence, choosing a cake for the wedding is a big responsibility.


But, this is something that you hesitate until the latest possible time. Also, in those last minutes, with the pre-wedding jitters, an expansion of remaining burden, traditions, and customs, picking the wedding cake appears to be almost unthinkable because of which you either give the responsibility to another person or go for online cake delivery for the sake of it.


Presently, this isn’t how you plan an ideal wedding, much the same as some other wedding planning, picking a wedding cake additionally should begin in any event 2-3 months before the wedding, giving the bride and groom adequate measure of time to choose the ideal cake for their extraordinary day. Presently, this is an undertaking that is by all accounts extremely simple, however, later when you start the cycle, you understand how complicated and befuddling picking a wedding cake can be.


To pick the ideal cake for your ideal wedding, there are a couple of simple rules that you need to follow:


  • Prepare Your Budget: Tell your cake designer honestly about how much your budget is for a wedding cake. An experienced cake designer can change a small thing to be a special thing using accessories that are suitable for your wedding theme.


  • Order online cake early because the designer needs enough time to design & prepare a wedding cake. They need enough time because they won’t disappoint you. Remember, some people come to your designer, not only you. Other couples may have ordered their wedding cake before you. It’s better if you order your cake at least 3-6 months before your wedding day for the best result.


  • See the Portfolio: Don’t get attracted to their large name. Sometimes the huge name can cause a low in consumer loyalty. Since a big name does not justify the worth, despite the potential benefits, and the outcome might be unacceptable for you. Ensure their portfolio has the tasteful design that you need.


  • Wedding Details: A good cake designer will discuss with you first about your wedding theme to make sure that his work matches your wedding theme. Maybe he will ask many things that are related to your wedding theme, from color nuance, bouquet, decoration, to your wedding dress.


  • Taste Cake: You must choose the flavor suitable for you. Taste cake first before you order cake online. If there is anything that is not appropriate for you, you can examine it with the cake specialist. You would prefer to see another cake designer if they don’t let you taste the cake.


  • Consistent in Taste: Too much variation of taste will influence the entire cake even the wedding atmosphere. So, make sure that the taste is a part of & strengthening the whole wedding theme.


  • Fondant VS ButterCream Fondant (candy) shape may look interesting, especially with attractive colors. But maybe it is not as nice as its appearance. Whereas buttercream, hmmm yummy, but can melt easily. If it is the problem, just compromise. You can put a buttercream layer under the fondant.


  • Gum Paste Flowers VS Fresh Flowers: Commonly, gum paste flowers made with a dough of gum paste are more expensive than real flowers. Besides the shape having to resemble the original’s shape, the dough is composed of a lot of materials (glycerin, gum Arabic, and icing sugar). But if you want to put fresh flowers on the cake, assure that the flowers are free from pesticides.


  • Shipping Cost: Find out how much your cake will cost to ship to you. Usually, cake designers are offering free shipping, because they have included it in their package. Assure that the car which ships your cake has full air conditioning to prevent the cake from melting away on the way.


  • Shipping: You won’t your cake come late or come to the wrong address, will you? So, tell your cake designer/baker about your wedding schedule & the address completely.


These are a couple of things that should be remembered while buying a wedding cake. While all these are significant, interestingly, the cake should be the decision of the bride and the husband to be. The big day is about them both, directly from the scratch, all that has to do with the wedding should be according to the couple’s decision, including the cake.


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