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3 Advantages of Using Custom Pillow Box Packaging

Being unique is a qualifying property to get a nomination for customer approval. The need to be distinct has boosted innovation and creativity in presenting the brand. Often, we see brands promoting their products in offbeat manners. Be it adopting newer platforms for marketing or capturing the customers’ attention through out-of-the-box packaging.

The modern packaging boxes are a far cry from the basic monotonous brown square boxes of the early 1900s. They have undergone ample sophistication to form the appearance they have today. Contemporary retail outlets are filled with boxes of varying artistic designs and dimensions to project the brand in enhanced limelight. The focus is always a higher customer interest and attaining increased brand recognition to pump-up the sales figure. They say that necessity prompts invention and this certainly stands true for alluring customers via enticing packaging boxes. This can be seen with the recent emergence of custom pillow box packaging that has swept the popularity charts amongst sellers and potential buyers alike.

What are these boxes?

These boxes are specifically designed to stand out from the crowd. Their distinct appeal is instantly eye-catching. Available in a combination of shapes, sizes, and textures, these boxes give a neat outlook while proving cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and can be used for multiple purposes. Gifting a present to loved ones or preserving small delicate ornaments or jewels in your collection, these boxes are your best choice for any packaging need.

Do you think that these boxes are out of your financial reach? Not at all! Such boxes can be carved out of an array of materials. This gives manufacturers freedom to choose the right mix of cardstock and affordability. The materials used comprise:

  • Kraft paper – is easily recyclable as it is made from wood pulp. Their biro-degradable feature makes them a favorite amongst most customers
  • Cardboard stock – This an age-old used and proven material that provides stronger structure and texture.
  • Corrugated paper – It gives extra cushioning to fragile items and can be constructed in any shape conveniently.

Is this the packaging you’ve been looking for?

They are great looking, innovative and smart type of boxes but that is not it. These boxes are in fact appropriate for various benefits comprising product packaging. Apart from looking great, they are very convenient to carry around and possess many properties that make them extremely usable and practical. Such packaging is apt for food and other small commodities providing a professional edge to the product packaging. They make the products visibly prominent when displayed on the racks of a store or even when they are bought online. There are a number of benefits that these pillow-shaped packaging carries such as:

Customized to divert focus

The boxes, even though relatively smaller in size than regular boxes, can be modified in all dimensions and for all target consumers. A wide selection of choices is at your disposal to choose the appropriate color, size, and exclusive features to make these boxes look even more enticing.

Customers are intrigued by distinct packaging and branded promotional packaging is the current way to be! What better way to use your already availed resource (the boxes) and turn them into productive marketing tools? These boxes are perfect for all types of industries particularly for boxing light-weight and smaller items. Matching the outer packaging with the products inside will give your brand a better standing among rivals. It is an exciting opportunity to pour out your creativity in designing these boxes.

Wider choice of materials

Plastic has become way too cliched. Customers are bored of and dislike the excessive use of plastic as a staple choice for packaging. They require materials that help them contribute positively to the environment and appear premium at the same time. Manufacturers can pick the materials that suit their requirements precisely and without straining the budgets. Having the liberty to tailor-make these boxes enables sellers to avail the boxes in apt weight that helps to control the shipment costs too.

Readily available when you need them

The best part is that they are easily made, assembled, and are ready to be used when required. They reduce packaging time and need comparatively less labor. For the buyers, these prove to be convenient for opening without having to unwrap layers. They are also likely to benefit from the cost-savings available to sellers, by means of reduced product prices. This makes the boxes especially convenient for low-scale businesses making jewelry, soaps, fragrances, candles, oils, etc.

Be investment-wise!

The boxes can be designed and styled specifically for all types of industries. They are a build-up on the regular boxes by adding newer dimensions in the shapes of packaging boxes. Traditional square packaging is done with. Creativity defines whether a brand sells highly or not. So, put your scarce resources to effective use by employing custom pillow box packaging as a compulsory solution to all your packaging worries.

Many brands also use these personalized boxes as a show of gratitude for their loyal customers by offering them as extras with the products purchased. They add little to the packaging costs and sending off thank you tokens helps to attach a sense of delight to the brand. Today, everything has to have a premium feel it for customers to come back to the brand. What else do customers want? Having offbeat products can only be communicated graphically by enticing packaging boxes and these boxes are a great way to do this. They surprise customers with their unique shape and divert their focus towards your brand. You might have seen these as part of promotional campaigns and for packaging exclusive products e.g., for limited time editions, etc. Your brand can too rock the look of other premium brands! Set a new precedent in your market with these boxes and become a customer magnet with complete ease!


Considering the advantages of such packaging, no wonder that it has brought about a revolution in the marketing industry. Buyers feel glee in obtaining products in attractively shaped boxes.

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