Bringing Traffic Through Blogs And Web Site Posts And Comments


We’ve all mastered pulling Traffic through blogs from other people’s sites to our own. It is our responsibility to spam, especially on sites that have a lot of traffic. So now you must want to know why I am writing this nonsense post?


In addition to spam, there are many other ways to bring traffic from other sites or blogs. And all those ways are much better and safer than spamming. As well as following those ways to get good quality traffic. So today I am writing this post for the purpose of discussing those ways.

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Traffic from other sites or blogs


How effective


It is quite effective on the one hand and ineffective on the other. Effective Traffic through blog only when the reader or visitor visits your blog or site voluntarily. And if you bring readers through spam or confusion, it may not be as effective.


How reliable

It can be a good way to get traffic but other people’s sites are never reliable. And you don’t have to worry about them giving you free traffic. So for traffic, it is better not to rely on any third-party blog or site. However, when your site is launched, the unique site can be a good source of traffic.


How durable

It’s not a permanent way. However, if you can bring the right visitors or readers to your site, then Kellafate. So even if this method is not permanent, it is possible to get permanent readers or visitors using this method which is vital for the blog site.


How do I share traffic?

Other people’s Traffic through blogs can also be shared through spam. However, I am not in favor of breaking the jackfruit on the head of others. Rather inclined to share traffic with others. In my opinion, it is possible to bring traffic to other sites without spamming in two ways.


Through comments

First of all, find the blog that is next to your blog. For example, if your blog is about sports, then find a few more sports-related blogs from Google. Then read a few articles with your mind and make some valuable comments so that you fall in the eyes of the reader and the writer. If they see that you know better about this then they will voluntarily visit your blog.


Suppose you commented on traffic through the blog, Nice Post. Plz, Visit My Blog. But your friend commented on the same article on the same blog, That’s a nice idea. But I think it should be better. Also, your writing style is cool.


Now tell me, which blog will the reader or writer visit? Of course, your friend’s blog will visit. Because his comment is meaningful, so people’s interest in him has also increased.


Via post

This method is quite good and effective. In this case, you have to register on the site of the summons and write one or two articles. The task may be a little more difficult traffic through a blog but if you can write something of good quality then you are sure to get a good amount of traffic.


But first, you have to see if there is a benefit of public posting on the targeted blog or site. If not, you can contact the admin. The admin can let you write if you think it is appropriate to write on his site.


You can write a short article on another site and give your site address as a credit below. You can also write about your site in the profile. This way readers will be interested in visiting your site.


Caution is also important


Everything has a limit. So don’t comment on one article after another to catch the eye of others. This will annoy both the reader and the writer.


Similarly, don’t start writing meaningless words on other people’s blogs. And no matter what article you write, make sure that it is consistent with the niche or topic of the site you are writing about. No admin will publish meaningless words on his site.

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Books that should not be missed

The Amphibian Man – Alexander Belayev

The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

Last word

We almost always spam when it comes to getting traffic from other people’s blogs. But apart from spam, there are many ways to get good quality traffic. I hope the above discussion will be of some use to you. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask. ??


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