7 Reasons Why You Should Start Texting Your Clients

In the past, businesses would use the postal service to communicate with their clients and customers. This progressed to sales calls and emails. For several reasons, one of the best strategies for communicating with clients or customers today is through texting. There are definite benefits for your business when you choose to text as your preferred form of communication. Here are seven reasons why you should start texting your clients.

Clients Are More Likely To Read Text Messages

Many people are in the habit of deleting most emails without even looking at them. If the email isn’t from a friend or family member, many people don’t consider it essential to read. Yet, text messages are different.


On average, there is a 98% chance a person will read their text messages, but only a 20 to 30% chance they will read their emails. This means that spending your time sending out texts to your clients is more efficient than using emails to communicate with them.


This is especially true under certain circumstances, like delaying or rescheduling a client’s appointment. Time-sensitive information is best conveyed in a text to email message.

Customers May Be More Motivated To Do Business With You

If you run a business that issues coupons to your customers, texting is the best way to get those coupons to them. Your business will save money not printing paper coupons, and your customers can simply use their phone to apply the coupon to their purchase.


When you send customers coupons and other offers via text message, they may be motivated to purchase from your business instead of a competitor. This is also the best way to let your customers know you are running a sale because they may ignore other communication forms.


You’ll likely get a better return on your investment if you do your marketing through text messages instead of email.

Texting Is The Most Widely Used Smart Phone Feature

The majority of smartphone owners use their phones primarily to send and receive text messages. And in today’s world, the majority of those who use a mobile device have a smartphone.

It Lends A Personal Touch to Communication

Having your customers or clients opt-in to get texts means that they will want to read it when they get one. While an email can feel generic, text communication feels more personal to customers. When customers feel more valued, they’re likely to appreciate the goods or services your business provides them with.

Clients And Customers Are More Likely To Provide Feedback

Every time you send a text to a client or a customer, make sure you also send a follow-up text to encourage them to leave a review of your business. The happier they are with your communication method, the more favorable towards your business they are likely to be.


Some businesses even take it a step further and offer customers who leave a review a perk like a discount on a future purchase. You can use this to build loyalty to your business and get the word out about it at the same time.

Texting Is Cheaper Than Calling

Part of running a business is maintaining your budget. You’ll have more room in it for other expenses if you contact customers/clients through text messages rather than phone calls. Not only does this save your business money and even time, but it also helps you connect with those who prefer texting to calling.

Texting Helps Build Your Brand

Businesses that text their customers stand out in their minds. According to a Harris Poll, 64% of consumers think positively of any company that uses text messaging to send out communications. By doing so, you strengthen the power of your brand.


If you aren’t already doing it, now is the time for your business to embrace text messaging as an essential mode of communication. There are definite benefits for companies and customers.

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