4 cool things you can do with smart plugs

Whether people confess it or not, everyone dreams of having appliances that could work on their own and think for themselves, because in this era of hectic days and frustrating nights there is no bigger fantasy than having an almost magical building management System that could turn make your house run all itself. 

Fortunately, we humans have come really far therefore there exists a convenient way to make all your dreams come true. Installing smart plugs is an easy and efficient step to realizing your dreams because with your smart home equipped with smart plugs you can astound yourself and everyone who comes to visit.

Here we have listed down a lot of awesome things one can do with their smart plug, so read on to this blog until you are convinced to buy a smart plug. 

  1. Create a haunted theme of your house

At some point in everyone’s life, they fantasize about creating a scary and knee-trembling effect, either for Halloween or just for fun. However, creating such a theme and creepy effect might take a lot of effort. 

Smart home automation can help you achieve the eerie effect in no time.

Imagine your friends walk into your main door, suddenly the lights go out and creepy waltz music starts to come out a deep a dark corner of your house. Then the music permeating from the dark walls also stops and there only a drop-dead silence hanging in the air. 

Next, warm air from the floor heater turns itself on and starts blowing a warm gush of air at your visitor’s feet, then without any warning, the TV turns on with an ear-bursting volume. 

It is nearly impossible that at this point your friends would not be scared and thinking to run back!

  1. Automate your Christmas lightning

If you are someone who is always expected to brighten everyone’s Christmas by putting up the lights for the festive effect, you must know how demanding this task can be. It is always a dilemma to keep up the Christmas spirit and decide when is the right time to switch the lights on and when would you turn them off. 

However, by scheduling the smart plugs you can get anything done at any time. So, you can stay snuggled in your bed, while the lights of your home turn off on their own.

At Symosis, we offer smart plugs to alleviate your worries. With our smart plugs at your assistance, you can plug all set of lights in one board and connect the power through the smart plug. Your lights would run according to the schedule that you chose. 

  1. Save the power from the power-hungry appliances

Have you ever thought to check how much energy your house appliances consumes?

To help you identify the energy-efficient appliances of your house, smart plugs are here for you. 

Smart plugs can help you keep track of every house appliance, therefore you can always know how much power is consumed by each house appliance. 

This knowledge would help you decide which house appliance you should keep and which go get rid of. If it is not possible to completely get rid of your power-hungry appliances, you would at least know when is the right time to cut down the power consumption. 

  1. Enjoy the ideal house temperature

Wouldnt it be nice to come back to your house after labouring under the sun for several of your house on a hot summer day?

Similarly, wouldn’t it be a blessing to come back to a warm cosy house on a teeth-chattering cold winter day?

Everyone has dreamt of having a house that could adjust itself according to the temperature outside.

With a smart plug at your service, you can easily schedule your appliances to adjust according to not just the weather but also your preference and mood. 

To sum it all, smart plugs are the gateway to the future, they cannot just make every home appliance turn into a futuristic device. So let the smart plug be the brainpower and free yourself, from worrying over saving your money, energy and effort. 

Even if you happen to be a control freak, smart plugs would let you have control over every appliance running in your home.

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