4 Essential Components to look for in Gaming Keyboard

The majority of the regular keyboards look nothing similar to a gaming component. Therefore, do not let the humble QWERTY mislead you and divert you from getting a good gaming keyboard to upgrade your gaming experience. If you are looking for a place to get reasonable gaming accessories, then you are recommended to check Dab Lew Tech to learn more about wireless keyboard and mouse price in Pakistan.

However, how can you decide which gaming keyboard is right for you and what features make it so special?

In this blog, we have assembled a guide so you can get a keyboard that is right for you. When choosing for the right gaming keyboard there are few areas of consideration that you essentially need to be focused on. 


  • Size of keyboard

First off, you should check the size. You must have observed that some keyboards have more keys than other keyboards. This is specifically obvious in laptops, where the screen is usually the one dictating how many buttons will fit. 

A full-size keyboard generally has 105 keys, including the QWERTY section of alphanumeric, a set of four directional cursors, a dedicated number pad, and some more dedicated function keys. This kind of keyboard has by far the widest style and its surface depends on the equipment size. 

This kind of keyboard although can be used by gamers, it is not the best choice since there is too much space in between the keys that gamers need to use. 

If you are a gamer who can survive without a number pad, then it is better for you to go for a keyboard devoid of it. Such keyboards are also called ‘tenkeyless’. A tenkeyless keyboard would achieve a much smaller footprint on your Desktop or laptop, therefore, the tenkeyless seized-keyboard would give you everything you need.


  • Membrane keyboard VS Mechanical keyboard

After the size, what you should look for in a gaming keyboard is its guts. By guts, we mean the way the keys register after you ‘press’ them. Another feature that is important is the feel and the sound of the keys. The majority of the currently present keyboards use a variation called “membrane technology”. 

The membrane-technology-based keyboards are great for gaming; they come in a thin and sleek design and have a layer of rubber of silicon, which acts like a spring and electrical contact. These keyboards are highly versatile, however, their ‘click’ is relatively hard to notice. Gamers appreciate the spongy and squishy feel of the keys, nonetheless, it isn’t enough for them to fully enjoy the game. 


The advanced  Mechanical Keys have revolutionized the gaming industry because of their unique style and solid functionality. A mechanical keyboard has relatively taller keys, along with the dedicated mechanical switch. The switches have their separate springs, housing and stems, offering you not just the great feel but also exceptional audibility. The mechanical switches come in different varieties that depend on the intensity of the ‘click’ you prefer and the amount of resistance you are okay with. 

If gaming is an integral part of your life, then there is no keyboard more ideal for you then a mechanical one. That is because the mechanical keyboards give better feedback and are more precise.  They also have sturdier keys, so you are less likely to accidentally press wrong the wrong ones. In addition to everything, the mechanical keyboards can also withstand 40-50 million clicks, unlike regular keyboards that can not stand more than 20 million clicks. 


  • Macro buttons 

After getting the size and tactility right, it is now time for you to look for speed and personal preferences. Assigning the macro keys to keyboards can get you much done with few keystrokes. Consequently, this offers you convenience and saves your time.


  • Backlit illumination

Have you ever looked at a backlight that is colourful and thought to yourself how excessive it is?

If so, then you would be surprised to know that backlights key offers much more than extravaganza.

Having keys divided into different zones with different colours provides gamers with a swift visual reference. As a result, they move their fingers more swiftly and play faster. 


Gaming is not like regular computer activity, so do not compromise gaming experience by getting a keyboard that is not designed for gaming. Having the right gaming keyboard increases your chances of beating your virtual adversaries and who does not enjoy that?

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