5 Extraordinary facts every GIIS students must know

GIIS students have a ton of opportunities. If you’re wondering whether you should send your child to a Global India International School campus, here are some of the best reasons why you should. Depending on what your child wants to achieve in the future, or the quality of education that the GIIS offers, this might be the best decision ever for your little one’s future.

Life-Changing Scholarships

The school offers scholarships that can change the lives of their students. By easing the financial burdens for gifted students with financially weak backgrounds, the school can raise and grow distinguished students’ batches and assist them in their future growth. Through programs that give out assistance based on the applicant’s financial needs and status to merit scholarships that only recognize talent and not the student’s financial condition, the school’s scholarship programme offers plenty of opportunities for students to change their lives.

Aptitude Tests

Many schools conduct an admissions test before they accept students. At the GIIS campuses, though, they conduct an aptitude test instead. The test is meant to measure the child’s ability and test whether s/he is a suitable fit for the school’s learning standards. The test covers Science, English, and Mathematics and lasts for roughly an hour. The test results are communicated to the parents within three working days.

After School Services

These services mean that the kids can stay with the kindergarten teacher after school hours. Kids are given a chance to participate in activities that aid their growth and development such as storytelling, music, games, origami, cooking, communicative English, and more, depending on the campus. The after-school activities give parents a chance to finish their work while the school keeps the students occupied. Since the shift to online classes, the after-school services continue even when they are going on online classes at home. With parents trying to keep it together and who might also be working from home because of the pandemic, the after-school hours’ services are tremendously helpful.

The Facilities 

Not all campuses are equipped with proper facilities supporting the extracurriculars that the school offers. Though, the GIIS campuses have those facilities in spades, allowing it to host a range of activities that enhance the holistic development of the children. From interhouse to inter-school and even international level competitions, many of the GIIS campuses have the best facilities that encourage activities that bring the best out of every child.

The Holistic Teaching 

GIIS is known for a curriculum that prepares students to meet the changing needs of their time. The schools offer a holistic education, one with a strong focus on integrating STEM core subjects with values to encourage students’ full development and personalities. Meaning, they are taught to look beyond academic learning and to recognize, too, the importance of qualities such as leadership, innovative thinking, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, empathy, and more. These qualities, along with a solid foundation in STEM, help prepare the kids for the future.

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