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5 SEO Tips on Page Design

A page design element is considered to be a ranking factor amongst the search engines. Specifically, a page element would be a title tag. The contents and the design of a page element can impact the ranking of the website. A page element is generally used to specify, in a coded fashion, the title name of a webpage. A title element can be used to influence the rankings of a group of related keyword phrases.

The page title serves more than one purpose, each having their own importance in the search engines. Each page element should be custom and tailored to suit the contents of that particular page. That said before you even begin to create your web page you need to have a good title element.

On-page SEO elements

The page title is one of the most important on-page SEO elements. They are the first thing that sight engines users see in the search engine results pages. If the title element is too long, don’t use it. I have seen some pages on the web where the page title is equivalent to the heading tags. These h tags are the equivalent to the title tags. Although the engines may be smart enough to find both of these, it’s better to be concise.

Don’t use your business or company name as the page title. It’s almost pointless and will not provide you with the showing you want. Use the keywords instead. It’s proven that users scan the title and look for keywords. So if your keywords are not in the title element, put them in the title element. If you choose to not include the keywords in the title element, just put the word or phrase after the whole main keyword.

Identify Keywords

An easy way to find out about the keywords that are used by visitors when querying is to use the Google Keyword Tool. Acquire a list of keywords and use them as a starting point for your title element. Be sure to create different variations of the main keyword if your provider of an SEO services does not offer a guarantee for the top 10 search results.

Make it a point to use the keywords and keyword phrases that you have researched carefully in the page title. If you were designing the title element, start Imagine yourself as someone performing a search. Place the keyword of the page you are optimizing in the title element. Follow the example of the article you are reading. In your search for the keyword of a page, notice what comes up as the title. You know that this is what the users are going to look at so you want to optimize your title.

Search Engine Optimization

If your search engine optimization provider gives you a select number of keywords to use, you can play around with it. You can well use the terms that have a multitude of searches but put in a combination of words to trigger more qualified traffic. There are also tools available that will analyze the terms to see how usable they are based on the number of search. So you can choose what suits your website best.


You can also use the title attribute to viewer benefit. You can refer to a previous paragraph that had a relevance to the title element. For example, if you provide utilities and technical services, you can keep the title attribute as “going with”, “keywords for” or “directory utility”.

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