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6 tips on Using Custom Packaging Boxes for Brand Recognition

Customized packaging is something that can get your enthusiasm up as well as get you confused too. Designing your custom packaging boxes can seem like a lot of work. Well, it might be so but with professional aid, you can master this field with ease. The way your boxes look can be a great asset to your brand image. All you need is a good styling team to get your hassles resolved in a click!

You need to first define the following:

  • Who is your target buyer?
  • What do you sell?
  • What do you want them to feel about the brand?
  • How much can you spend?

Once you have sorted these out, the next steps can be empowered through productive tips that guide you to achieve your planned goals conveniently. You might have come across many customized boxes. What is that works for them? The appeal has to be correctly accompanied by several unseen factors that customers react to unknowingly but pose a strong impact on their buying choices.

Let’s get on with these tips one at a time:

Tip one: Measure your products well

This one is the most important of them all. The size of your boxes defines how safely they are transited and how great they look. Without good and apt dimensions, the boxes can:

  1. Give a false impression about the products leading to disappointment from buyers
  2. Expose the items to possible damages
  3. Be a wastage of your resources.

You need to avoid the above to build a reliable brand identity. Nothing is more effective for brand image than the way your products look. And this starts with the box size. Good proportions hold the products strongly and utilize the materials effectively. You want to save on your finances and apt packaging can be a step closer to that.

Tip two: Decide on the materials

Your distribution channel can influence this decision. Different materials provide different uses. If your products are sold locally then Kraft cardstock, rigid boxes, and cardboard can be some of the choices for you. However, if you wish to send items overseas then the corrugated paper can help you out.

The best material selection can make the boxes more functional and better to utilize. The boxes determine in what condition your clients would receive your products and whether they will reorder or not. Weighing on varied options can be fruitful in giving off an impressive feel to the buyers. When retail outlets display the items in your boxes, ensure that your boxes are sturdy enough to protect your items from shocks, dust, and moist climatic conditions. A trusting relation can be built with your potential consumers with the aid of well-structured boxes.

Tip three: Choose branding elements carefully

The boxes are a canvas for your marketing tactics. Custom packaging boxes should resonate with your brand values for them to shine brighter when placed on these boxes. Therefore, the boxes require more thought than you imagined. The elements that can increase the prominence of your products include imprinting your unique logo, brand title, making the texts more fascinating with embossing, using metallic inks, die-cutting, foil stamping, and many other options.

Designing aims to tell your buyers more about your brand in an attention-catching manner. Distinct patterns and graphics aid to add vibrant appeal to the boxes. You can have the boxes shaded in all colors too. Customers need to have a distinguished quality in a brand to enable them to pick them over the many choices available to them. You can give them these within your customizing activities to get packaging that acts as a visual pitch to allure more buyers and foster brand recognition.

custom packaging boxes

Tip four: Impose an effective unboxing process

A rising trend nowadays is clients posting about their experiences on social media platforms. Custom printed boxes offer a unique window to be known for impressive branding vibes when buyers open your packaging. Such a process has gained higher relevance over the years with consumers placing more attention on how the product unravels. Grabbing this chance to inflate your brand value can work best for your popularity.

You can ensure that your products are worth repeating with aptly layered packaging that is more than just a container for holding items. Creating a platform through the boxes where your customers can interact with your brand better is always a good deal. Doing this can be made effective by inserting a simple welcome message or relevant illustrations. Moreover, experts advise including discount cards and informative slogans to make the customers aware of your brand’s functionalities.

Tip five: Nail down your branding motto

Customers demand clarity in communication. Whether you want to cross-sell or just want the buyers to memorize your brand logo, nothing can be as convincing as educating boxes that represent your brand ethos well.

Pick up the exact color schemes and images that cater to your target customer demographic. It should make clear the services or products your offer and why customers should select your brand over the alternative choices. For instance, a well-built display box can never boost branding if it is not engraved with enticing patterns that stick to the customers’ minds even after they exit the stores. Certain add-ons like handles on the boxes, ribbons for a pleasant look, scoring & gluing, and more can convert your simple boxes into portable advertisements for your brand.

Tip six: Pare it down

When doing any corporate activity, it is important to define your financial limits. You need to trim the corners to achieve cost efficiencies and make the box costs be covered quickly. Some of the business tactics include choosing box materials that are recyclable and be flexible for all packaging solutions. Also, going for lesser expensive inks and more cost-effective printing ally can all contribute to saving costs.


Custom packaging boxes can add a great number of impactful vibes to your brand’s personality. Utilize them with the above tips for improved sales and profits.

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