7 Recommendations to Get to Work as Soon as Possible on Your Personal Brand

The disruption that is experienced in communication is changing companies and public and private institutions, today more than ever concerned about having a good reputation or, at least, protecting themselves against the possibility that a bad afternoon will ruin the confidence that you have won over the years and decades.

But the great disruption not only affects brands(radio shack still in business) but also fully affects people. And that makes us wonder what we can do to improve what we now call personal branding. In short, how we have to work and how we have to show ourselves so that others continue to trust us.

Perhaps first of all it is to focus the analysis. Improving personal branding is not going to be cooler on a social network (leave that to influencers who live in a permanent bonfire of vanities), to focus on a fanatical search for followers typical of those obsessed with SEO or to become a person suffering from a kind of telemarketing syndrome, willing to give his professional contact card even to his children’s friends.

In any case, and to begin with, in the improvement of the personal brand, what is key is the understanding of how the world has changed and the need to understand that in this era if you do not communicate … someone will communicate for you, and Maybe I don’t mean well with you

This world is no longer what it was

If you want to convey an idea, your intermediaries with citizens are no longer only televisions, newspapers and radios, which, by the way, are still important for their ability to prescribe what is the news and what is not.

Now, you can also interact with them directly on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram, on channels such as WhatsApp or Telegram or in any application that you use in the headquarters of your actions and strategies: the mobile phone .. AND You can also address them with new tools and supports such as video or podcast and even with some that are resurrecting, such as newsletters.

Opportunities grow, but so do dangers

Crises now arrive in real-time and spread like global epidemics regardless of whether their origin is true or is the result of one of the thousands of false news circulating on the networks and WhatsApp groups in this era of misinformation capable of change governments and destroy the reputation of any company in a matter of hours.

And digital lynchings are reproduced with increasing frequency, turning some networks like Twitter into a state of Torquemada to be outraged by almost everything.

Well, this is the new territory in which we move and in which we have to work to capture the attention and trust of citizens. A field that is also saturated (it is more typical of a hypermarket than a gourmet store) and in which capturing attention and trust become increasingly difficult because it is more difficult for ourselves to focus on something. : We are scattered digital people who prefer a tweet or an episode of Netflix than reading a long book or a newspaper.

This is not a criticism but an acceptance of the principle of reality, essential to develop a coherent communication strategy for the brand of any company and institution and also for that of any person.

Adapt (you have no other)

If you want to work on your personal brand in the community (I’m talking mainly about social networks), you must adapt to your environment and not expect that it is that environment that adapts to you. And, of course, you have to accept the new rules of the communication game.

The most important thing is still adding value, that is, that it would be useful. I know, it’s common sense. A gigantic no-brainer. But it is also something that is often forgotten. They are not going to buy you for what you are or for what you say you are, but for what you contribute. So worry about adding value when you show yourself in public. You do not need to reformulate Einstein’s law of relativity or to clear up ancient questions of humanity. It is enough that, for example, you share good articles that can be useful to others.

Focus on some subject. And, if possible, that you are passionate about it. It is good that you put a professional adjective to your name, that when they refer to you they have in mind what you have specialized in, what you are experts in, in case they need your services one day.

Identify your community. This is linked to the previous point. We are in the era of big data… and small data. Everything is measured. Even the reputation. Measure who follows you, how they are, where they come from, what interests them. And work on your value proposition based on their interests. Remember that you are not Steve Jobs. It is you who have to adapt to others, nor others to you.

Tell stories and be authentics… unless you are hooligans or think that no one is up to your wonderful abilities, in which case I invite you to put authenticity aside. It is important that you try to connect with emotions. You talk to people, not refrigerators. Speak naturally and with a simple language, without baroque and without neologisms. Here’s an example: I’m starting to think that half the people I follow on Linkedin must be from Birmingham or Edinburgh because they all have positions that are written in English.

Be constant, but without being intense either. It is not about overwhelming who you have in front of you, but about helping them. And be careful, as I said before, with looking like a salesman of those who assaults the early mornings of television selling impossible devices. You do not spam with legs.

Talk. If you are in a social network, if possible, chat with whoever bothers to put you comment or ask you a question. If not, you are not going to look like a person, but a robot … or just rude.

And finally, jump into the pool, put your modesty on the nightstand, stop worrying about what others might think of you and act accordingly. Reputational graveyards are full of people who “don’t care” to tell something of their own or, worse still, who are convinced that they “don’t have time” to dedicate themselves to this. Are you sure you don’t have time to take care of your image, your brand and your reputation?

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