7 Trendy Glamping Spots For Teens in 2021

Once your kids become teens, you may find that they no longer enjoy the same family vacations that they did in the past. They want to spend more time with their friends and less time with their families. Glamping lets you give them all the creature comforts of home and have a great time. You just need to check out the top seven glamping spots for teens in 2021.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Glamping in Pigeon Forge is an excellent option for families with teens. You can choose from various campsites in and around the Great Smoky Mountains and enjoy the nature outside while sleeping in a comfy bed at night. Pigeon Forge has tons of amenities and activities that teens will love, including the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and the Titanic replica. They might enjoy a trip to Dollywood, the amusement park owned by country singer Dolly Parton.

Greenough, Montana

Located in the Blackfoot Valley, Greenough has a few places where you can book a glamping trip. Most let you stay in large tents with concrete floors and comfortable beds along with WiFi access and cable or satellite television. Teens can explore more than 100 miles of trails that wind through the valley or take a canoeing/kayaking trip down the Blackfoot River. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Area with horseback riding trails and other activities isn’t far away.

Malibu, California

Malibu probably isn’t the first place you think of when you think about glamping because of its upscale reputation. Finding a place to camp right on the beach is easy. Your teens can wake up every morning and jump right into the Pacific Ocean. They can take surfing lessons and try other types of watersports, too. Malibu is close to amusement parks such as Universal Studios and some of the top attractions in Hollywood.

The Poconos

The Poconos is more than just a romantic destination because it offers tons of activities for families. Book a whitewater rating trip down the Delaware River if your teens love adventure sports or plan a ziplining trip. The Poconos is home to several waterfalls that you can hike to on your trip and hip little boutiques downtown. Check out some of the other top campsites in pennsylvania close to you.

Hudson Valley

New York’s Hudson Valley offers some fun activities for teens and their families. Visit Hudson Valley State Park, where you get a fantastic view of the water while walking across a bridge that spans more than one mile. The New York State Museum is a must-see for fans of history, but the Shawangunk Ridge is perfect for adventure lovers. Also called The Gunks, it offers both hiking and biking along with mountain climbing.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

During the busy winter season, visitors come from around the world to visit the ski resorts in Jackson Hole. Your teens can enjoy skiing and snowboarding when they want to get away from their families. There are even clubs designed for older kids to help them make new friends. Jackson Hole offers just as many things to do in the warmer months. Your teens might plan a whitewater rafting adventure with their friends or go horseback riding. The whole family can take a scenic trip down the river or a tour that lets you look for wild animals.

Jupiter, Florida

While you might think about Orlando or Fort Lauderdale as the best places to take teens, Jupiter offers just as many things to do. Glamping locations in this city offer all the luxuries you have at home and tons of items for your teens to do. The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is the best place to visit if you love animals, but Roger Dean Stadium lets you watch a game with your teens. Jupiter Beach Park is the best place to go if your teens love watersports or just want to get in the water.

Planning a glamping trip that keeps your teenagers happy is easier than you might think. There are great destinations to choose from across the country, including Florida, California, and Pennsylvania. To help your teens enjoy the trip, make sure that you pick a location with WiFi access and other amenities close to the things they want to do.

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