Workplace wellness programs

8 Workplace Wellness Program Ideas for Businesses

Having a wellness program set up for your employees can be effective for improving their well-being and maintaining health as they get through work every day. Such wellness programs have various corporate health benefits that are necessary to create a healthy work environment within a business.

Corporate Health Benefits

Here are 8 workplace wellness ideas that can be helpful for your company:

Fitness Centers

Although this might sound a big investment, it does prove to be extremely beneficial for your employees. Having a fitness centre on your business premises ensures that your employees and team members can indulge in activities that keep them fit and healthy. This might not be a solution for every business but it can be beneficial for those who can arrange it.


One of the biggest organizations, Google, offers its employees various paramedical services such as massage therapy. This can be beneficial for people who are struggling with mental stress from their day to day workload. Having a medium that can help them reduce stress can free up their mind and get them ready to tackle any challenge during the day.

Healthy Eating Habits

A simple way to promote employee wellness is by promoting healthy eating habits to your employees. Proper eating is necessary for overall wellness for anyone. This is especially applicable when you consider the times we live in today.

Amid the pandemic, many businesses are still opting for work from home. At a time like this when everyone is forced to live a sedentary life, encouraging them to eat healthily can really put more focus on an overall healthy living.

Rewards and Recognition

Another great way to promote healthy living and wellness is with your rewards program. Add new objectives and goals for employees that focus on improving the mental and physical health of your employees. Things such as taking a bike ride for transit, eating healthy for a week or month` and so on are a few suggestions that you can start with.

Doctors Consultation

Your employees are a core ingredient for your business’ success. Therefore, it is always crucial to ensure their well-being. If your employees are getting sick more often, it can affect the workflow and might lead to unnecessary load when the employee finally returns.

Hence providing doctor consultations every now and then or having an option to contact a doctor at any time within the office premises or via digital mediums. This can help resolve common health problems, without employees needing to take leave from work.

Workplace Wellness Programs

Wellness App

Digitization has enabled businesses to shift their services to digital apps. Providing an app that employees can use from their smartphones to access health-related services such as personalized benefits, doctor consultation, records of their personal health, syncing other health-focused products and so on can be an efficient method for wellness.

For example, being able to access personal health records at any time using an application on smartphones can be extremely convenient for employees.

Onsite Medical Room

There is no guarantee when an individual might get sick or feel unwell. For quick recovery and adequate solutions, immediate care is necessary. When you have a medical room with professional health care personnel or a doctor on-site, employees can get diagnosed immediately.

Expert Consultation

There is always a solution for physical health problems, but when it comes to mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, doubt etc., you cannot find a pill that will take it away immediately.

Hence, including an on-call or face to face consultation with mental health experts can eliminate such challenges from your workplace wellness program. Employees can either seek help on a call or get an appointment for a face-to-face consultation with an expert.

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