Amazing places in rajasthan


Bharatpur goes back to the 5th century when the city flourished under the rule of Matsya. It is renowned for being one of Keoladeo Ghana National Park, the best bird-watching destination in the world (KNP). The palace and museum Bharatpur, home to a great number of antique works and ancient scriptures depicting Bharatpur’s art and culture, has become one of the key attractions of a tourist in Bharatpur. A total of 58 sculptures in stone have been added.


Keoladeo Ghana National Park is another attraction in Bharatpur, a popular holiday destination in Rajasthan. It is famous for its migratory birds such as ducks, geese, waders, rapists, and flycatchers, amongst others. Lohagarh Fort, Deeg, and Ganga Mandir, apart from others are other attractions worth checking out. You may visit the Braj Holi Festival if you are here a few days before Holi. The festival’s highlight is the dance of Raslila performed with great passion and unity.



Jhalawar is renowned for its rich natural riches of vibrant fauna and flora, once called Brijnagar. Red coconut groves and orange laden verdances have been the unique topography of this area. The Jhalawar Fort and the Jhalawar Government Museum are the main attractions in this town. Go to Gagron fort, one of six hill forts in Rajasthan that belongs to the UNESCO World Patrimony List for an unusual experience.


Bhawani Natyashala, an uncommon theatre in India with an underground passage that allows horses and chariots to appear on stage, are other places worth a visit. The Chandrabhaga Fair is also held in this city. It draws tourists, pilgrims and visitors every year. The old Buddhist caves and stupas lie about 90km from Jhalawar. The most impressive structures in the cellars are a gigantic Buddha figure and the carving stupa.



Ajmer, meaning “Ajay Meru,” means “unbeaten hills.” Perhaps the city of Ajmer is best known for being the home of Dargah Sharif who houses the tomb of Moinuddin Chisti, Garib Nawaz. Established in the 13th century, The Ajmer Sharif Dargah is a shrine of the Sufis that encloses the tomb of Garib Nawaz, the man bara. People of all religions come and answer their prayers in this sanctuary.


In 1198, Sultan Ghori later transformed Adhai Din Ka Jhonpda, originally designed to act as a Sanskrit college. Additional sights are Mayo College, Anasagar Lake, the so-called Ajmer Jain Temple, and Soniji ki Nasian.


Sawai Madhopur

Visit Sawi Madhopur in the fascinating past and varied topography of this majestic place with our meticulously made Rajasthan tour packages. There is a lot to look forward to here to adventure and historical lovers. Discover Ranthambore Fort that is connected to the historical legend of “jauhar” Royal Women (self-immolation).


There is also the Ghushmeshwar Temple, which is believed to be Lord Shiva’s 12th or last Jyotirlingas. Tonk, consisting of colonial houses, painted mosques, and ancient books, along with manuscripts are also worth checking out. But once in here, Ranthambore Park, located about 14 km from Sawai Madhopur, should be visited. In addition to the magnificent tiger, chinkara, sambhar, cheetal, and over 300 bird species are other types of life found here.



Bundi, situated approximately 36kilometers from Kota, looked like a fairy tale had come up. Its superb location and stunning architecture attract tourists, for example, the Bundi Palace. This city contains many fabulous structures designed in the architectural style of Rajput. Some include Sukh Mahal (the palace of Rudyard’s novel Kim), Taragarh Fort (an example of fine architecture from Rajput), or Raniji ki Baori (which also became popular for King Stepwell).


Lakes are another region drawing. The lakes of Jait Sagar, Nawal Sagar Lake, and Kanak Sagar, among others, are some of them worth checking out. At the Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary, you could also view wildlife. If you are in Bundi, go to the Festival of Bundi. This is a spectacular show of traditional art, culture, and craftsmanship that was held in the month of Kartik (November).



A visit to Alwar should be included in any Rajasthan tour guide. It is also the newest in the Rajput Kingdoms, apart from being one of the oldest cities. There is plenty for tourists here to explore as forts, palaces, and wildlife. Some of the monuments to visit here are Bala Qila, Alwar City Palace, the Palace Museum, and Pandu Pol (which blends Rajputana with the Islamic style of architecture) (believed to have been the refuge of Pandavas during their exile).


You can find Sariska Tiger Reservation if you are searching for some adventure activities in Rajasthan. In addition to the Royal Bengal Tiger, which is the main attraction, it also houses other wildlife, including leopard, caracal, jungle cat and streaked cat. You can also enjoy a wonderful boat trip on Lake Sillserh.


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