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Top 5 Peculiar habits that cause asthma


Top 5 Peculiar habits that cause asthma triggers

The only thing that prevents an infant from getting an attack is that the mother needs to take proper care and needs to protect the child from any kind of pollution until and unless they are sensible enough to care for themselves. One should always carry the Asthalin inhaler, Duolin inhaler, and many more such inhalers with them so as to have some relief while an attack.

Common agents to trigger off asthma

Smoke from cigarettes, factory chimneys, automobiles, and burning of fossil fuels all add up to the air pollution as well as they are one of the most common triggers of asthma and asthma symptoms. People are advised to stay away from this smoke and also second-hand smoke so as to reduce the chances of getting an asthma attack unexpectedly. Cigarette smoke damages the hair-like projections of the airways which are responsible to wipe the irritants and mucus. If these projections are damaged the chances increase that the person may get an attack. So, carrying Asthalin inhaler, Levolin inhaler, and many more such inhalers with them so as to have some relief while an attack.

Unusual triggers of asthma

Despite these known triggers of asthma, there are some other conditions that trigger asthma symptoms and astonishing attacks when least expected. These triggers are not common enough for people to know as a result some face some difficulty quite a few times just because they cannot find out what is triggering their disease.

Top 5 peculiar asthma triggers

1) AIR FRESHENERS AND PERFUMED SUBSTANCES- scented of perfumed substances like incense sticks, mosquito coils, and perfumed candles and also air fresheners in houses and inside cars, and also those naphthalene balls which we keep in our clothes can act as a trigger for asthma suffering person without his notice. Actually, the ingredients in these substances create uneasiness and may also increase allergic symptoms which on the other hand can trigger asthma symptoms.

2) ALCOHOL– People only know about the ill effects of smoking-related to asthma but only a few know that some type of alcohol can also be worse in triggering asthma symptoms. The two types of alcohol ingredients are histamines and sulfites are more reactive for an asthma patient. Alcohol increases the frequency and possibility of an astonishing attack. Along with alcohol some drugs also act as a trigger for an asthmatic person, increasing the chances of an attack.

3) CHLORINE INHALATION– inhaling chlorine particles in a swimming pool or any other place can also be one of the bad triggers of asthma. As many people go swimming and are not known to the fact that chlorine can also trigger the symptoms and the attack can be one the worst and life challenging while in water. This is because chlorine is one of the agents which is responsible for the inflammation of the airways to the lungs more commonly known as the bronchi.

4) WEATHER- weather also acts as a trigger to asthma suffering people. Cold weather normally triggers asthma and people with asthma in cold weather tend to get cold very often and also in the winter season. But hot weather as in the summer season can also trigger asthma symptoms and sometimes even attacks when the weather is too hot. The main reasons for hot weather triggering asthma can be that breathing in too hot air which is dry shrinks the airways causing dry cough and difficulty in breathing. Hot air also contains more pollutant particles and also pollen as there is more space for them because hot air contains less water vapor in them and as a result causes uneasiness to people suffering from asthma. So, carrying Asthalin inhaler, Duolin inhaler, and many more such inhalers with them to have some relief while an attack.

5) EMOTIONS- some emotions like heavy laughter or crying for too long can also trigger asthma. These emotions narrow the airways as the breathing pattern changes and the airflow is restricted for the time is making it difficult for people to breathe properly and increasing the chances of getting a surprise asthma attack. These emotions act as a type of hyperventilation.

Therefore, it is required for every person suffering from asthma to consult a doctor and have a talk about the disease and the triggers which are common and also which are not common but acts the same as a normal trigger.


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