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Best 4 places in Alleppey places to visit

Alleppey Beach


Without a visit to Alleppey Beach, your visit to Kerala will remain incomplete. There’s sand, lovely waves, clear water, and a lovely sunset at the beach. It has become a favourite place for couples who visit Alleppey houseboat, known for its large stretches. Due to the remains of the sea bridge, it has also become a top sightseeing destination in Alleppey. It tells the stories of the times in Kerala when Alleppey was a popular port. You will be delighted and ecstatic with a visit to this beach. You must visit this beach even if you’re in the city for a short stay.


Alleppey Beach is situated very near the Sea View Park, giving you the opportunity to have fun on various types of boat trips. There is also a picnic nearby and families can enjoy the beach at Alleppey a day full of fun. The romantic beach is situated and so it’s known as the ‘East Venice.’ It is popular among the tourists and many people just visit Alleppey to find peace and serenity at this beach. The beach is easily accessible and here you can spend a few hours. In order to enjoy the best views and beautiful sky colors, try to visit the beach at sunset. If you skip this beach, your journey to Alleppey will not be complete. It is famous among local people and is also very popular with Alleppey tourists.




This is a lovely village just a few kilometres from Alleppey. This is one of the most popular places in Alleppey and is a popular tourist destination. The wonderful tourist destination is a spot that all tourists enjoy discovering. It is also known for the famous granite statue of buddha and plays a major role in the history and growth of Buddhism as religion. The fact that the statue lacks its left side is the reason behind the statue’s popularity. Many assume that if anyone is ill and comes to that town and touches the statue’s foot, it heals the sick person. The local people in Alleppey and visitors in Alleppey claim that the statue has powerful healing powers that can be passed on to the healer. Karumadi has become a favorite tourist spot because of the statue and this belief in Alleppey.


In Alleppey, there are also a variety of local restaurants that you can try to taste genuine South Indian cuisine. From 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, you can visit this statue. You’ll be shocked by the enormity and elegance of the statue when you get to Karumadi. It is special and especially important to the Alleppey residents. In this place you can learn about the local people’s history, tradition and beliefs.


Vijaya Beach Park


If you don’t visit this beach park, your visit to Alleppey is incomplete. It’s an ideal place to go if you’re looking for a lovely beach in Alleppey. The park is primarily a park for children and is a must-visit if you travel with children. It’s run by the Municipal Council of Kerala and here you have to do a variety of things. It has great facilities that make your experience comfortable and secure. Children will spend their time on their slides, swings and trains. Rides are also available for adults. You can enjoy excellent boating facilities here and many cultural programmes are arranged in Alleppey for visitors. The many exciting activities you can also join here. This is one of Alleppey’s favourite places to visit. Vijaya Beach Park Alleppey has an area where your kids can play video games. You can rent a bike to go exploring the beach on your own if you do not want to go on trips and games. The beach area is much quieter than the playground. From 3 pm to 8 pm you can visit the Park in Alleppey and each adult with children under 12 get a free entry fee of INR150. On this beach in Alleppey, you can schedule a weekend break with your children. Every traveler here has something to do. When kids enjoy riding and playing, you can just take a dip in the tranquility and natural beauty of the place. Many visitors prefer to stay in the park with their children for a few hours.


Pandavan Rock


It is one of Alleppey’s favorite spots to explore. It is also an ideal complement to your Alleppey path. In the epic story of Mahabharata, the Pandavas rock derives its name from Pandavas. This site is known as Alleppey’s iconic tourist attraction. The Pandavas remained in this cellar during their exile, it is assumed. In Alleppey, there is a lovely rock that provides the backdrop for an ideal picnic spot. The destination has to be reached and you can enjoy a beautiful view on the woods and the hills along the roads. Indeed, when you fly with friends or your family, it is an enriching and enjoyable experience. You will find the famous Kallada Dam while walking and if you have time you will enjoy a detour and a view of the dam. This famous rock can be visited in Alleppey between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. It is easy to navigate and one of Alleppey’s must-see sites.


The past and the importance of rock in this position can also be studied. You’ll be able to expose them to the Mahabharata epic if you’re travelling with children and show them where the Pandavas lived during their exile.

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