Closed system VS Open System. Which one is a better option for you?

If you have finally made up your mind to invest in a pod mod system, then first off, we shall welcome you to the club.

Given the abundance of available pod systems, it is not surprising at all if you are having difficulty in choosing the right system for you. To get the best vape Mods in the UK, you should visit our website “Juicedoutvapes” and get the best vaping mods pods in the United Kingdom.

However, if you are a vaper, or want to be a vaper, who prefers to be extremely specific about their vaping devices, then you need much more than a reliable vaping website or store. When you are choosing the right system for yourself, it all comes down to your individual preferences. In this blog, we will be unraveling everything there is to know about pod systems, so you can go for the one that offers you the most benefits.

What is a pod system?

To put it as simply as possible, a pod system is a combination of power and portability. A pod system is an uncomplicated device, which can be easily carried and used.  Vaping with a pod system is so easy that all you are needed to do is press a button, and sometimes, even that is not necessary. Furthermore, there are no settings and modes in a pod system for you to fiddle with. 

The ease of maintenance and use makes the pod system an outstanding alternative for the vapers who are intimidated to use boxy mods and tired of using vape pens. There are two types of pod systems i.e open pod system and close pod system. 

Closed Pod Systems

Just as the name suggests, the closed pod system is an enclosed system or sealed system that cannot be opened. They are pre-filled with E-Juice and are supposed to be disposed of, once you are done using them. If you are vaping with a closed pod system, it is implied that you do not have to be inundated by procedure and choice and you will just let everything be done for you. 

As you might have guessed, the closed system works best for beginners. The closed systems are also relatively affordable than open pod systems, as there are no tanks and coils for you to replace. 

While using a closed system, you do not have much choice and whatever the manufacturer has made,  you are expected to use it, without making any modifications. Nonetheless, the closed pod systems can let you enjoy great quality and a variety of flavors.

Perks of using a closed pod system

Since the majority of the beginners do not want to put a lot of effort while vaping, a closed pod system will be preferred by the people who have just started to vape.

The closed pod system is prefilled, saving you from going through the trouble of choosing e-liquid and inserting it inside. Closed pod systems are further leak-proof, so you can enjoy vaping without worrying about spilling.

Open Pod systems

Open pod systems are partially closed systems and since they are not completely sealed, you have an opening to pour e-liquid. Therefore, open pod systems are designed for the vapers who are super-specific with their flavours and e-liquids. 

Open pod systems are relatively more powerful than closed systems, which is why well-experienced vapers usually prefer to go for it. Another reason why vapers prefer open pod systems is that the open pod systems allow you to enjoy fantastic flavors and make sizable vapor production. 

They are best for more experienced vapers who are in the habit of maintaining vaping devices and box mods. This does not mean that beginners cannot use open pod systems, nonetheless, it would take them a bit of practice and some getting used to before they could start enjoying their vaping experience.

Perks of using Open Pod systems

Since getting an E-liquid to fill your bottle is a lot cheaper than buying a pre-filled juice pod, open pod systems are generally more pocket friendly.

If you are a vaper who has been vaping for a long and you are likely to be well-versed with complicated systems, an open pod system would be the most ideal choice because it allows one to relish their preferences.

Although both systems work beautifully for any vaper, you should choose the one that fits your preference and convenience the most.

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