erectile dysfunction – All you need to know

erectile dysfunction is the most important thing in terms of male physical strength. For men, it is a sign of strength, maturity, and readiness to conceive future generations. But unfortunately, an erection is not always as firm and strong as each of us would imagine. How to support an erection as effectively as possible? What helps to get a stone erection? Is it necessary to follow any special measures? How to improve an erection? And what exactly is an erection? We will look at all this in this article.


And let’s start at the very beginning. To support your erection, you need to know what an erection is. How does an erection occur? How does an erection arise? And what makes men boast of an erection?

Definition of erection

The basic definition of an erection is: An erection is the erection of the male genital organ, the organ.

So it doesn’t sound complicated or scary. This is a prerequisite for successful physical intercourse when a man can penetrate the woman’s vagina thanks to an erection. Without an erection, this would not be possible at all because an unopened organ would not have enough strength to penetrate a woman’s vagina and thus fertilize her.

Erectile dysfunction

Erection is a relatively complex process that begins with erotic stimulation.

Erotic stimulation triggers reactions in the brain that lead to a whole cascade of events:

  • Nitric oxide is released from smooth muscle,
  • it causes the relaxation of this muscle,
  • giving more blood to it,
  • And this is just a step towards a firm erection. An erection is, in essence, nothing more than an adequately perfused organ.

There is no erection without enough blood. Therefore, men with cardiovascular diseases or blood flow problems to the body often suffer from erection problems.

Error problems

Now you know what an erection is, how it is created, and how it works. So now we can move on to erection problems. Although erection is something completely natural and normal, which is an integral part of male life, it can be associated with many issues. What kind of people can you meet?

Weakened erection first common problem is a weakened erection.

It is a condition in which a man achieves a kind of erection, but it is so weak that no physical intercourse can occur anyway. The organ is not erect enough to penetrate the vagina.

Short erection

The second possible erection problem is a short erection. An erection occurs in such a case, it is solid as a rock for a while, but this condition lasts only for a short time, usually only for a few seconds. Then the organ softens again, and the erection disappears.

Even in this case, there can be no full-fledged physical intercourse, at least one that would sufficiently satisfy both partners.

Permanent erection

The third case is from the opposite barrel. In this case, there is a long-term, permanent erection. This condition is technically called priapism. It is a very painful erection that persists even after ejaculation.

Sometimes it can take several hours, and if it is not resolved with an expert within 6 hours at the latest, it can even end with the death of the organ. Although it looks great because you have a constant erection, it is a severe condition. It can be dangerous.

Erectile dysfunction

The last but the most well-known problem with erection is erectile dysfunction. It is a condition where a man cannot get an erection, no matter how hard he tries use vigora 100. No erotic stimulation helps. Porn, striptease, or lap dancing. Nothing. None of this can lead a man to an erection.

A man may repeatedly experience this condition, with each attempt at physical intercourse, and suddenly, perhaps only once in a more extended period of time. In the case of chronic problems, it is advisable to seek professional medical help.

What negatively affects an erection?

All these problems are very unpleasant, and no man would want to meet them, but on the other hand, they do not arise just like that. Every issue, even one with an erection, has a cause. In this case, two categories of causes are most often to blame – psychological and physiological.

Psychological causes of erection problems

And let’s start with the psychological causes. Always, in the event of any imperfection in love life, psychological causes contribute to a greater or lesser extent.

Erection problems can be caused by, for example, too much stress, overwork, depression, anxiety, fear, a bad mood, tense relationships with a partner, quarrels in a relationship, or mental illness. All of this can contribute to the fact that you cannot achieve a firm and quality erection or that your erection will soften again immediately get Fildena 100 or Fildena 150.

Physical causes of erection problems

On the other hand, physical causes may be behind your problems. In this case, we speak of, for example, high blood pressure, vascular disease, low levels of the male hormone, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, enlarged prostate, disease, inflammation, diabetes, or other physical problems.

It’s the same as with the flu, for example. If you have the flu, you feel sick, don’t want anything, your whole body hurts, and the only thing you have strength for is sleep. And the same goes for erections. If you are not entirely fit, have any physical problem or illness, then even your erection will not be 100%.

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