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Europe’s 15 Best Tour Sites

1. Paris, France

This is why Paris is near a must-see as it is in Europe. Paris has it all. Every corner of food, history, art, culture, and beauty. For me, a cycle trip around the city is a highlight.


2. Florence, Italy

There are so many sites in Italy that you can’t miss, but Florence is so unique. Art and history are obvious benefits, but I also like to do food trips and cooking lessons. And Florence is an excellent base to discover Tuscany’s riches.


3. Santorini, Greece

Europe’s best tourist destination (but I might be biased). The views of the caldera are as unbelievable as anywhere you can see. The most luxurious hotels of the Middle East are sun-set, walking, boat tours, local wines, black volcanic beaches. Don’t forget Santorini, please. Please.


4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of Europe’s most famous cities. A lovely town center, as simple as you’ll find for foot and bicycle. Full of lively cafes, restaurants, museums, and leafy parks. Maybe there is a city you want to live in after your first day more than any European town in Amsterdam.


5. London, England

Everyone knows that London is full of sights and museums in the world. The great un tourist markets, stores, districts, coffee shops, and restaurants are shocking. Be sure to get away from some of Local London’s most popular attractions.


6. Barcelona, Spain

In Spain, my preferred city. Filled with fantastic food, nightlife, art, architecture, and eye-catching tourism. Also an outstanding family holiday destination.


7. Rome, Italy

The Colosseum, Fountain Trevi, Roman Forum, Pantheon, Spanish Stairs, Vatican Chapel. Some of Europe’s best attractions are filled with Rome. Then throw yourself into the food, stores, cafes, and funky districts. In Rome, you would feel robbed for something less than five days.


8. Reykjavik, Iceland

The cool capital of Europe is Reykjavik. Excellent nightlife, cafés, and dining. Whale tours and the beautiful landscape are all simple day trips to the Blue Lagoon.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a perfect combination of castles, heritage, astounding landscapes and modern Scottish life.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

As close as there is to an idyllic city in Europe. Prague is almost everybody’s favorite to visit. Loads to see and do – beer is also pretty darn sweet.

11. Galway, Ireland

Dublin has become a prosperous international town where the Irish culture that you came to encounter can be difficult to find. You sound like you’re in Ireland really in Galway. The town itself has a marvelous atmosphere and a 90-minute drive requires plenty of views.


12. Nice, France


A fantastic base for South France exploration and a lovely, medium-sized city. Quick train ties to Monaco, Cannes, Lyon, and many great Mediterranean beaches.

13. Istanbul, Turkey

People come to monumental historical sights, but leave the markets, street life, neighborhoods, and amazing Turkish cuisine in appreciation.


14. Naxos, Greece

Greece’s best and perhaps Europe’s best beaches. However, it is not just water, sun or sand. The town of Chora is as beautiful as any Greek city, and the island’s interior is full of beautiful villages and incredible walks.


15. Agriturismo Farm Stay in Italy

This is one of Europe’s funniest and most fascinating stuff. Stay in an Italian business farm (mostly Tuscany, but Umbria and Sicily are also popular). Great for all (those are my two kids playing in the pool) from family to lunchtime. Stays are typically two or three meals a day. Some farms have cooking classes, riding lessons, or events relating to wine.


Europe Itinerary – Where To Travel


Europe for one week: London and Paris – Eurostar between two cities. Europe one week. Travel one way and the other.


  • 10 European days: London, Paris, Amsterdam. Train between three. Train between three. Travel to and from various towns.


  • Two weeks in Europe: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and Florence; or the Greek Islands, Paris, and Athens. Train from London to Paris and Rome and from Rome to Florence. Ferry to the Greek islands from Athens. Travel other routes. Fly other routes.


  • Three weeks in Europe: the Greek Islands of London, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Florence, and Athens. Train from London to Paris and Rome and from Rome to Florence. Ferry to the Greek islands from Athens. Travel other routes. Fly other routes.

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