FairPlay Club: Fans rejoice as sports betting hits the next level

FairPlay Club was established in August 2020 with the aim of becoming the biggest sports betting exchange in the world. Fans can now enjoy all of their favourite sports and games all under one roof. FairPlay Club has the biggest portfolio for sports fans to bet on including Cricket, Tennis, Football, Horse racing, Binary trading, Crypto trading etc with the greatest number of fancy market options. That’s not all! Fans will also have access to live streaming, scorecards and trackers while placing their bets allowing them to make better decisions to turn the odds in their favour. FairPlay Club also offers a hefty signup bonus for first time users on the platform.

With a firm endorsement of entertainment, FairPlay Club allows the users to have full creative freedom in a safe and secure gaming environment. Here is a quick look at the core values that have shaped FairPlay Club at its very roots.

  • Safety and security at the core: FairPlay Club has learned a lot from the absence of a formal market in India which has resulted in a lot of malpractices tainting the common perception towards sports betting. FairPlay Club aims to turn the tide to its favour by rooting out all the malpractices and creating a safe environment for fans to trust on.
  • Zero tolerance policy towards fraudulence: As deemed to be one of the most transparent betting platforms in the industry, FairPlay Club has a strict zero tolerance policy towards fraudulent activities. Any account with suspicious activities would be subject to proper scrutiny and if deemed proper, total suspension of the account with all earnings forfeited. This allows FairPlay Club to maintain full confidentiality and security of player as well as payment information at all times. FairPlay Club never shares its user data with any third party under any circumstance.
  • Customer First: Putting the needs of the customer first attitude has held up great for FairPlay Club. With a 24X7 customer service for any of your needs, FairPlay Club has bolstered its promise to serve its users first.
  • Impartial Exchange: While competitions rely on programmable bots to swing the odds in the favour of the house, FairPlay Club prides itself on its impartial betting methods. Fans are pitted against registered users which gives them the highest chance of winning.  

Other features that set the stage for FairPlay Club includes:

  • A 100 per cent sign up bonus on first deposit.
  • Instant withdrawals and deposits.
  • Support for a wide range of payment options including net banking, UPI payments, payment wallets, offline payments as well as major cryptocurrencies.
  • A portal to multiple fancy market options.
  • Maximum coverage of events and live streaming of all ongoing major matches.
  • A 1 per cent referral bonus for every friend using your referral code and 1 per cent of every subsequent deposit.

As FairPlay Club climbs to the pinnacle of sports betting, make sure to book your spot today for the ultimate sports betting experience.

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