FairPlay Club: Setting new standards for Indian Sports Betting Scene

With the world gripped in a global pandemic, most of us have been preferring to stay indoors. As the shift of indoor trend is on the rise, the world of sports and entertainment too has shifted to the online space. Sports betting has always been seen as a stigma in the society but with the advent of the digital age, more and more people are looking for safer ways to bet on their favourite sports.

Enter FairPlay.Club Primarily an online betting exchange, they aim to become one of the biggest sports exchanges in the world.

With an aim of bringing fair and legal sports betting to the community, players are soon to be spoilt with the tons of choices they will have at their disposal. From national and international sports to casino games and from financial markets to elections, FairPlay Club hopes to bring betting fans under one roof. As gambling and online betting is on a tremendous rise over the last few years, FairPlay Club pledges to play a concrete role in the market throughout allowing to capture the entire global market through a smooth user experience, low odds, quick settlements and easy KYC policies.

Games and products on offer by FairPlay Club include sports betting, elections, horseracing, binary, financial markets, live casino games, live Indian card games and esports among many more. Though competition on the market seems to work with several other betting and gambling styles, FairPlay adheres to its promise of lower odds for players, easy KYC policies, quick deposits and withdrawals and easy and smooth interface. The deposit bonuses provided amounts to 100% up to maximum of 3000. While other sites provide users with a 1000% bonus as well and their sign-up bonus go up as high as 8000 INR. FairPlay Club cannot compete with that bonuses being a sports exchange as compared to competitions being sportsbooks.

With multiple sister firms, FairPlay, leaders in online betting aims to enter the Indian market with a fantasy platform. With an active emphasis of making sports betting accessible and amusing for the audience, FairPlay is your best shot at a safe and secure platform. For all queries and site related questions, our efficient and dedicated Customer Service team is at your assistance 24*7.

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