FairPlay Club: Uniting sports fans under its all in one platform

As the craze for online sports betting reaches new heights, many are trying to milk from the great opportunity. Though most are not ready to tackle this huge influx of traffic due to lack of infrastructure or knowledge, FairPlay Club is one of those leading the charge in the industry. FairPlay Club was established in August 2020 at Abraham de Veerstraat 9 and have quickly risen the ranks to be counted among the biggest sports exchange in the world. India has always been stereotyped toward betting in any form especially due to all the malpractices that were associated with the industry. As FairPlay aims to structure the industry, they have slowly risen to become a reckoning force in the Asian sports betting market.

Unlike its competition which relies on only popular games and leagues, FairPlay Club makes the effort of covering the maximum number of matches for fans to bet on. While the competition mainly focuses on games like cricket, football and tennis, FairPlay Club covers a wide host of sports and games to choose from. The sportsbook section of FairPlay Club includes sports like cricket, football, tennis, lottery, horse racing and greyhound racing. As for the live casino section, it consists of speed baccarat, speed roulette, live poker, live blackjack and dream catcher. Moving to the live card section for FairPlay Club, we have games like live teen Patti, T20 teen Patti, poker, andar bahar, dragon tiger and Amar Akbar Anthony. From live streaming of their favourite matches to live scorecards to placing bets, fans will have all the options baked right into FairPlay Club.

Another advantage to going with FairPlay Club is its model of transparency and fairness. While the competition relies on heavily manipulated bots to rework the odds in their favour, FairPlay Club allows the users to place their bets against other users on the platform. This helps to even out the odd and both the users will equal the chance of winning. An easy KYC process, instant withdrawals and deposits and the highest chance of winning, makes FairPlay Club the best choice for sports betting fans from all over. FairPlay Club also offers a one hundred per cent bonus on the first deposit so that fans can start betting instantly. 

FairPlay Club is the ultimate homegrown sports betting exchange that has arrived to bring about the age of renaissance in the chapter of sports betting. A treat for the fans and with the promise of rising to become the biggest sports exchange in the world, FairPlay Club has surely gotten a tight grip on the sports betting market. 

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