Guide to hire Audi a3 car rental services in Dubai


You’ll be given all the required information on the website so you can decide whether the car meets your needs or not. Most companies deliver within 60 minutes to your desired location however, the timing can vary for each company.

Why should you rent a car in Dubai?

Well, the most incredible thing about Dubai is that you can find many rental service companies. Some Premium car rental dubai even let you rent a car along with a driver who can drive you around the city. So if you’re on a vacation in Dubai and want to treat yourself, the best thing you can do is yourself an Audi A3 along with a driver. Sounds like a plan, right?

Moreover, you don’t want to miss out on the amazing packages offered by rental service companies like getting a free helicopter tour on ordering an Audi A3.

Another reason why you should choose rental services in Dubai is its online presence and user-friendly websites. Literally, everything is mentioned on the homepage of the websites so you don’t get lost and waste time on looking for things. Moreover, they have categorized the brands and types of cars for you so you can easily find the brand or type you’re looking for.

The types of vehicle they offer are convertible, SUV, sports cars, mini vans, cross over, luxury truck, Limousine, Sedan, and coupe.

Furthermore, You’ll find some tips on saving money and things to avoid when you’re renting a car in Dubai in this article. So let’s jump into that

Prepay to save upwards of 20 percent

The cool part about online rental service companies is that most of them offer 20 to 30% off on advancement payment. So don’t forget to opt for advance payment.

Reserve the car for a little long than you need it

Many rental car services give you a prorated refund for  an early return so do yourself a favour and  book your car for a few extra hours or days and then return right after you’re done using the car.


Watch out for any possible additional fees

If you’re someone who has rented a car before then you would know that rental service companies try to make money out of their customers and charge them for add-ons. So you should know that those add-ons aren’t free of cost

Fill the tank up yourself

Get the tank filled yourself because you’ll be paying the agency later. So why not fill it yourself and pay the exact amount of fuel.

Don’t go outside UAE

Keep in mind that you cannot take the rented vehicle outside UAE borders unless you have discussed with the rental service company and follow the legal procedures.

Ensure you’ve a registered license

Make sure you have your registered driving license.

Security deposits should be paid in advance

Most Rental services in Dubai don’t ask for security deposits but most rental service companies ask for advance security payment.

We have covered pretty much everything from the best rental service company to the tips and tricks that every first timer should know in order to avoid problems.

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