How 9GEMS Scholarships Can Improve the Focus of Students on Study

Scholarships create a huge impact on the students as it helps them get closer to their future dreams. It helps students plan their careers and eases the financial burden of studies. There are various scholarships offered by universities, colleges and schools that are usually rewarded to meritorious students based on their academic excellence.

The 9GEMS Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship programme designed to reward students excelling in academics, sports, creative and performing arts, innovation, digital technology and Arabic studies.

9GEMS Scholarship is a unique scholarship that gives an opportunity to students to think out of the box and hone their creativity. The 9 GEMS Scholarship is different because it is a holistic teaching methodology that provides all round development and meets the requirements of the current developmental methodologies.

9GEMS Scholarship is an award-winning teaching framework that is developed by the Global Indian International School (GIIS), UAE. This scholarship is awarded to students studying from grades 7th -11th for a period of one year. It is awarded for the students excelling in 9GEMS Skills which includes: Sports/ Music/ Dance/ Instrumental Music/ Martial Arts/ Literary Competitions/ Drawing and STEM.

The fulfilling criteria for the 9 GEMS Scholarship is:

  •     The student must be studying at the GIIS Campus UAE.
  •   Students and parents must be citizens of UAE and should possess the visa copy and Emirates ID.
  •   Students should have won National or International recognition or should have excelled in any of the 9 GEMS skills.
  •     Displaying excellent leadership skills.

This scholarship value depends upon the three categories the students fall into which is A, B and C respectively.

The 9GEMS framework offered by best Indian International School includes: Academic excellence, Sports Excellence, Visual and performing arts, Personality development, Innovation and creativity, Entrepreneurship and leadership, Universal values and ethics, Community and care and Skills development

How does the 9 GEMS Scholarship benefit the students for their education?

Global Indian International School, known for its futuristic curriculum, focuses not only on academics, but also on student participation in extra curricular activities. Here the entire community works towards nurturing the next generation of global citizens.

Below are the benefits the 9 GEMS Scholarship offers to the students:

Balance Academics with Values

Today it is very important for children to be outwardly smart and confident. This cannot be achieved only through academic excellence. 9 GEMS Scholarship is a unique teaching platform that encourages both the academics as well as the personality growth of students. With this teaching curriculum students start growing with the thought that it is not only grades and scores, but a smart outlook is very important to face the reality of the world.

Good Grades Matter

For a student, getting good grades really matters, and the 9 GEMS Scholarship encourages students to study better and strive for the best in academics. The scholarship eases the financial burden of the families to a great extent and recognizes the hard work of students.

Character Building

9 GEMS teaching curriculum provides opportunities for students to learn positive character-building attributes. This helps them to understand the importance of teamwork, discipline, communication, and human bonding which ultimately helps them in better personal and professional lives.

Value Learning

Values inculcated in kids at an early age help them to be better human beings in the future. With 9 GEMS teaching frameworks, children learn important values like kindness, empathy, compassion and volunteerism. When they start thinking about how actions affect other people, they will be more aware of the people around them. This helps them to build their character at an early age.

Practical Benefits

The main goal of the scholarship is to release the financial burden of the families. Students can concentrate better on their schooling rather than thinking about working after school hours to pay off the debts. It also gives them an opportunity to enhance their interests or passion.

More Time

The scholarship bridges the gap for students with low-income backgrounds and gives them time to perform better in academics. This time can be invested to enhance their skills and experiences through further training.

9 GEMS Scholarship stresses upon the need for developing skills and talent which is equally important as academics. This scholarship recognizes a student’s excellence and contribution towards improving their natural skills and boosting their self-confidence. They can stand upright for themselves, not caring for what people say about them, that they are talented and capable.

Scholarships are a platform for students to understand that their skills and talent matter. It helps students to build their confidence and self-esteem. If you want to apply for a scholarship for your ward, then 9 GEMS Scholarship is an ideal one that provides a holistic development for the kids.

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