How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coils?

If you are a regular vaper or somebody new to vaping, there is a very good possibility that you might have experienced burnt hits or as the vapers like to call it ‘dry hits’. Even the vapes from the most expensive Vape City start drying out after some time.

There several causes for this and mostly it is to do with the coils in your tank.

You would generally experience burnt hit when the wicking material inside gets dried out or because of the dry spots due to the unsaturated cotton. Sometimes, you get the burnt hit even when your tank is full of e-liquid. Cases such as these imply that there is something up with coils.

To keep the coils from burning out, you are required to ensure that the wicking material inside your vaping device is completely saturated by e-juice. What it means is that you must not use the dry coils, as it will burn them by damaging the wicking material. This will further make the wicking material lose its capacity to hold the e-juice and will also produce a burnt taste. 

To extend the life of your vaping devices and get the most out of the coils inside, here are some valuable tips for you:

  • Prime the coils

Priming the wick means manually soak the coils before installing them inside the vaping device. This is crucial, especially before each use as there is a possibility of you burning the coils before you have even used them.

When replacing an old coil with a new one, you go from having a completely dry coil to a completely wet or soaked one. This requires you to be patient, as you are subjected to wait for at least 5 minutes between taking puffs and filling your tank. If you take longer than five minutes then priming isn’t too necessary but the trouble is you are never sure when the coil has soaked. 

Not priming and not waiting for re-filling can burn the coils as there would not be enough e-liquid to absorb the heat.

 The heads of the coils have an opening space and around the side of the device, making it visible.  To prime the coil, add drops of e-juice at the areas where coils are visible, so start from the top and then go around the sides.  Doing this will ensure that at least the parts that are visible to you are soaked are submerged with e-liquids.

Another method to prime the coils is taking puffs without pressing the fire button, doing so will force the e-liquid to the coils.  Though you have to be meticulous with this technique as doing this too much and with extra pressure can cause flooding in the coil.

Now you have your new coil that is well primed with e-juice, but it is better to take an extra precaution and wait till 5 minutes after filling up your tank and start vaping. Although this step is not as crucial if you have not properly primed the coils everything will ruin before you could even begin to enjoy anything. Hence, it is imperative to be completely sure.

  • Prevent chain vaping 

Vaping after vaping to the point that you cannot even see your electronic- cigarette, the big and thick clouds that you have been constantly producing is a nightmare for coils. Your wick will burn and the reason would be the same i.e. unsaturated wick. You must always ensure that your wick is soaked with e-juice before you start to vape.  Especially if you are continuously vaping for a great amount of time, always check the wick as constant use will dry it out. There will be a risk of burning it.

The solution is easy and simple, pause vaping and the biggest indication for you to stop is the diminishing flavor. As soon as you stop tasting any flavor, you should know that e-juice has run out and now you are on the brink of the burning situation. The wick requires to be soaked again and again to keep the coils working properly for long periods. If you start getting burnt flavor it is another indication for you to stop immediately.

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