Making A Bus Accident Compensation Claims

The vast majority of people in the UK choose to travel by bus. Although public transport has seen significant improvement in terms of facilities and safety they provide, we still witness minor and major accidents happening on a daily basis. If you have been unfortunate enough to have been involved in a bus or coach accident, which was not your fault, you can submit a claim for compensation. 

When Can You Claim For Bus Accidents

The public transport system in the country follows great levels of health and safety standards. According to the law, all bus and coach companies owe a duty of care towards all the passengers travelling with them, along with the pedestrians passing by on the roads. Failing to fulfil this duty of care will have these companies pay compensation to the damaged party. The government has also put plenty of measures in place to make sure that everyone using buses remains safe, which is why the number of mishaps has greatly reduced, but they do happen on timely occasions. 

The legal system has provided provisions for people who suffer injuries in accidents involving bus accidents in the UK. 

Furthermore, it must also be noted that the law does not confine these provisions only to those people who are using the services of these buses or coaches when the accident occurs. To submit a bus accident compensation claim, it is not compulsory to be inside the bus. There are a plethora of instances where bus accident claims include:

  • A bus hit you while you were at the bus stop.
  • The bus came in contact with a vehicle that you were driving and you were not at fault.
  • You sustained injuries because you had your head bumped against the seat in front of you, or any other object, because of the driver’s rash driving
  • You sustained injuries while getting on or off the bus because the driver was reckless and they didn’t wait for the door of the bus to properly shut, or for the passengers to be seated. 
  • The bus you were riding in collided with another vehicle

Regardless of what happened, if your injuries are caused by someone else’s fault, you are most likely eligible to receive the compensation claim. 

Claiming compensation for bus injuries is theoretically very simple and straightforward. Sadly, it isn’t this smooth in reality. You can ask people who have gone through a similar procedure to know how bus accident claims are fraught with complications. This is because there are several factors that come into play here. It’s not so easy to prove the other party as completely responsible for the accident. For instance, if you head bumped into another object, it might be because of bad road conditions, and not the driver’s recklessness. Sometimes, you might suffer a whiplash injury when the bus crashed somewhere because the driver tried their best to save a pedestrian who wrongly walked out in front of the bus. 


Making Bus Accident Compensation Claim

If you were ever involved in a bus accident, irrespective of what happened and who caused it, you need to strengthen your case, and in order to do so, you will need concrete evidence. This is only how you will increase the likelihood of you obtaining the compensation that you are entitled to. The shreds of evidence you can bring forth include:

  • Details of the bus driver, bus number, the route it was on, and the date/time of the incident.
  • A police report that is created after the incident.
  • Record of all the events that happened. Make sure you do this in the early days so that it’s easy to recall.
  • Contact details of people who were around, so that they can be contacted to draft a strong witness statement.
  • Contact details of the other vehicle(s) that were involved in the incident.
  • Take as many photos as you can of the entire scene and of the injuries you picked.

The more details you collect, the better your chance of winning the case. Also, make sure you get in touch with an experienced solicitor to help you proceed with the intricacies of the case. You can connect with Hamilton Douglas Legal at any given time and hire our no win no fee personal injury lawyer to get a free consultation on the matter and remain stress-free throughout the case because our solicitors are experienced professionals who are well-versed in the matters of law.

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