Retractable screen door

Manual Retractable Screens for Large Openings

Eco-Advantage Mesa, AZ, loves French Door design as much as you. They look great and offer so many benefits over sliding glass doors. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, they can increase the resale value of your home.

So many people are always asking us how they can add a French-style screen door to their French doors. Many people believe that retractable screens doors are the best or only option.

A retractable screen door is a nice option, even though it can be hard to see. There are some drawbacks to these doors that can make you reconsider your decision and choose a screen that isn’t as bad but preserves and may even enhance your French doors.

There are five things you need to know about retractable screens doors before you make your final decision.

Child and Pet Safety: Our area is home to predators like coyotes as well as bad weather such as monsoons, dust storms, and other conditions that make it difficult for small children and pets to venture outside. You can’t prevent your pets or children from running outside without a screen door. 


These doors are not safe for children or pets.

Expenses: Retractable screen doors are more expensive than other types. Although they are more cost-effective than retractable screens, custom steel security doors can be a better option than retractable. Additionally, security screen doors provide more benefits than retraceable, which makes them a smarter investment for your Mesa home.

High Maintenance: Screen doors that retract are heavy-duty and require high maintenance. There are many moving parts, which can cause problems or require adjustments to make the doors work correctly. They can be challenging to fix, so it is expensive to have them repaired. Security screen doors don’t require any maintenance and don’t need a motor.

Retractable screen door functionality requires tracks. They pose a safety hazard to your entire family and any visitors to your home. You can fall and sustain minor or severe injuries if you trip on the tracks. Do you really need a screen door that will likely cause more trips and visits to the emergency rooms or the doctor? 

Security screen doors don’t have tracks, and they work exactly like regular doors. This makes them very safe and does not pose any danger.

Security: Retractable screen doors can be a security risk. However, they do not offer the same level of security as French doors.

Retractable screen door

A manufacturer of retractable doors actually has a security disclaimer that states, “Please notice that retractable screening systems are not designed or meant to provide security, or retain people, animals or objects in or out your home.” Why would you choose a door that boasts it will not protect your home, family, pets, and belongings?

Steel screen doors can be highly secure. They are very safe and can even be fitted with a deadbolt.

Aside from that, they are unable to push their way through at the bottom. Additionally, security screen doors look great. New screen doors can be customized to match any home design.


What do you think? 

Are our retractable doors worth taking risks? Would you please share your opinions below? You can also fill out the contact page on the left of your screen to receive more information about security screen doors that will fit French doors at your home.

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