Personal Injury Claims In Movies And TV Shows

Movies and TV shows are not always fictitious. A lot of what you see on TV and in movies is a true depiction of real-life scenarios. Things that people go through in their daily lives. This is true for a plethora of things, which also includes personal injury claims that have appeared in a lot of shows and movies over the years. 

If you try and recall, you’d be able to remember several movies and shows airing in the past decades where the main character was involved in a personal injury lawsuit mirroring a real-life situation.

Here we have shed light on some movies and shows where personal injury cases were shown along with some important tips, sometimes told indirectly, that all of us can apply in our lives. 

With that said, it is important to note that the following programmers are designed for an American audience, therefore, their regulations may not be applied in the UK. However, the following shows can provide you with a fictional idea of how personal injury claims are portrayed in films and TV shows.

  • Friday Night Lights (2006-07)

This show has been one of the most liked TV shows of its time. The pilot episode of this show attracted us to the world of high school American football, but it also showed us how this game can cause severe injuries. Jason Street, the quarterback of his team and a popular boy of the school end up sustaining a very harsh spinal cord injury, which put a full stop to his American football career, leaving him paralyzed. Consequently, his parents chose to submit a claim for personal injury against the physical trainer who demonstrated negligence and did not provide proper training. In the end, the school management agreed to compensate the sufferer with an undisclosed amount that could easily cover all the medical expenses the family had to bear, along with the mortgage his parents had to pay off. 

The show gave us a clear message that NFL players always run at a risk of getting injured and therefore, they should be provided with all the necessary precautionary measures to prevent such injuries that could affect their lives. If any such injury is picked up due to someone else’s carelessness, you have the right to make a claim for compensation. 

From this show, you can understand that a claim can be made successful if you can prove the negligence of the other party. Therefore, taking assistance from a professional solicitor can work to your advantage. 

  • Erin Brockovich

In the past years, Erin Brockovich has been one of the most-watched and admired environmental law movies. The movie depicts a real-life story of a single mother who discovers a case of groundwater contamination and how it was covered by the California Utility. 

The lead character of this movie got involved in a car accident, which wasn’t her fault. She then proceeded to work with the lawyer taking care of her case. While they were working on the case, she discovered that a lot of people in the vicinity were diagnosed with tumors, cancers, and other chronic diseases. She goes on to conduct a thorough investigation and she finds out that these illnesses have been breaking out because of the utility’s carelessness. For starters, she gets one couple to submit a personal injury compensation claim, but this develops further and it goes to the point where a huge lawsuit is submitted on behalf of all the sufferers. At the end of the day, the judge ordered a staggering amount of money to be paid out to almost 1000 plaintiffs in compensation. 

The movie gives us a lesson that with good personal injury solicitors and sound legal representation, no case is impossible to win. One should never be reluctant in standing up for their legal rights, even if one has to do it against a mammoth corporation, insurance company, or government institution. 

  • A Civil Action

The movie shows how the famous environmental pollution case proceeded in Massachusetts in the late 1980s. After some time, it was discovered that harmful substances and toxins were polluting the surrounding vicinity’s water supply and were the reason for causing severe injuries and casualties among a lot of people living in the nearby region. Legal action was taken against the authorities deemed liable. A lawsuit was submitted and at first, the case was given in favor of the defendant, but the EPA later coerced the corporations to take necessary actions to clean the groundwater and land. 

The movie tells us that when a certain company is showing negligence, which causes injuries and harm to others, such companies should be held accountable. Once you have a skilled and professional solicitor at your side, you have all the means to fight for your legal rights and get the compensation money you deserve. 


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