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How to Replace Vinyl Vertical Blind slats


The homeowner can quickly and easily replace any vertical blinds damaged on their window treatment if they become broken. pvc vertical blind replacement slat blinds slats work differently from traditional horizontal blinds. They can be removed from the clip where they rest.


Step 1 – Open Blinds

You can open the vertical blinds by using the drawstring. The slats will be moved from a flat, closed position to an open position.


Step 2 – Unscrew Chain

Vinyl vertical blinds can be fitted with a chain that connects them to the top. This chain will be held in position by a small screw located on the first slat. You can remove this screw and thread through the slats to find the one you are looking for.


Step 3 – Remove Slats from Hanger

If you look up at the vertical slat’s top, you’ll see a small black tab holding the pvc vertical blind replacement slat blind in place. The slat can usually be easily removed by lifting it from the hook.


Step 4: Place a new Slat onto the Hanger.

Position the new piece of slat and attach it to the hook. Thread the chain through the hole. Attach the screwdriver. Close the blinds severally to check that the new laminate is aligned correctly.


How to Fix a Stain on a Roller Blind Fabric

Accidents can happen, and your roller blind fabric could be one of them. Stains are a terrible thing that can happen to the material used to block out the sun. It can look not very good and can even cause the fabric to be permanently etched by the sun.

window blinds vertical slats

It would help if you immediately cleaned up any staining accidents. If it’s been more than an hour, however, then you must take more drastic measures. To clean up the stain, there are a few things you can do.


Step 1 – Take down the Blind

The first thing you should do is take the blind off its roller. Next, take out the rods with care so the fabric isn’t damaged. Finally, lift the roller at the top. If the roller was screwed into the blind’s top, you could take it out using an everyday driver.

You should be able then to lift the roller off its mechanical parts and free it from the base. Then, finally, take off the fabric once the roller is on the ground.


Step 2 — Rub the Stain

Add a few drops of water to a large pot. Place your fabric inside. The material can be left alone for a few hours. But, it is possible to add some soap to your mixture. Use the soap to rub on the fabric. After that, you can soak it in water. To grind the marks, you can also rub some of the stained material against another section.


Step 3 – Use stain remover

Your stain remover is an essential tool. Vanish is a liquid that can be applied directly to the fabric. The fabric can then be washed in the washing machine. To avoid the possibility of the material becoming drab, spin it at 30°C at a low speed. It is also possible to run the fabric under a hot tap for a couple of minutes after applying the stain removal.


Step 4 – Leave to Soak

If these methods fail, then you may be able to let your fabric soak in warm soapy water for a few more hours. This will allow the stain to come out. Then, gently press the fabric with your fingers to increase the circulation of water.


You can also use carpet and sofa cleaners once the material has dried. After trying all of these solutions, wash your fabric well and dry it before fitting the blind. Then, the same rods, rollers, and screws can put the blind back up.

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