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These blinds can be made to your specifications so make sure you take time to read the details and choose the right size.

Size: Venetian Blinds come in both thick and thin styles. However, these styles have their own names to distinguish them from each other.

Materials: Venetian blinds are available in almost every material you could imagine. Materials include vinyl, aluminum, faux wood and PVC.

Where can Venetian blinds be used best? They can be placed on any size window or door, but they work best for single doors and smaller windows. Vertical blinds are best if you want blinds to cover a double-wide door. The same applies to large pictures and bay windows.


Mini Blinds Mini Blinds

Venetian blinds can be used with mini blinds. They have slats that are narrower than traditional Venetian blinds. The slats usually measure 1 inch thick.


Micro Blinds

Mini-blinds can be replaced by micro blinds. These blinds have slats up to 1/2 inch thick.


Panel Blinds

Another popular option for patio doors is panel blinds. Panel blinds have sections that move along tracks, which allow you to open and shut them.


Pleated Shades

Pleated shades, also known as pleated blinds, are made from a piece or material that is pleated so that it forms an accordion-like pattern. It can be raised and lowered. These shades are similar to Venetian blinds but “soften” the appearance of the window. They cannot be turned from one side to the other like blinds. Pleated shades are made of fabric or paper.

Sun Screen Roller Shades

 Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades or honeycomb blinds. They look very similar to pleated shades but are made of similar materials. Cellular shades, however, are not made from a single piece of material, as opposed to a pleated shade.

The cellular shade’s front and back sections are open at the center, creating a pocket for insulation. Cellular shades come in many sizes to suit different windows. These shades can be used to keep your home cool and warm during the summer, as well as in winter. Cellular shades can also be used to sound-insulate.


 Roman Shades

Roman shades, also known as Roman blinds, are a traditional window covering that is made of fabric or other materials such as jute and seagrass. There are many styles of Roman shades, but all have one thing in common. When a Roman shade raises, it folds in itself much like a Venetian blind.

The fabric of a Roman shade folds into itself so that it creates a stack of fabric on the top of your window. Roman shades are timeless and beautiful, but they can reduce the window’s viewable area.

Roman shades can be ordered either lined or unlined, depending on your needs. Many linings offer additional features such as thermal and blackout linings.


 Roller Shades

Roller shades are another popular option. pull down roller shades for windows can be rolled up and down to meet your needs.

There are many styles of roller shades that can be mounted to windows in different ways. Roller shades that are most affordable have an exterior system that allows you access to all the mechanisms and mounting hardware (which can be helpful in case of tangles).

You can also choose from stylish roller shades with valances, cornices, or fascia’s. These hide the components of your shade and give it a more professional look. 

Pull down roller shades for windows can be made in many different fabrics, including synthetic and natural ones. You can get double roller blinds, which are basically two blinds mounted on one bracket.


Tie-Up Shades

Tie-up shades can be described as a hybrid of a curtain and a blind. You can find Tie-Up shades in many different materials. These shades are made from a piece fabric with ties that extend beyond its bottom.

Roll the shade up and tie it in place. This shade can be used in a casual or country style and blends well with many Decor styles.


Solar Shades

Solar shades look very similar to pull down roller shades for windows. Solar shades are similar to roller shades in that they reduce sunlight, heat, glare, UV radiations, and heat from the outside. They also preserve the view of the window. A solar shade is the best choice if you want to reduce the sun’s effects and provide some protection for your windows,


Outdoor Shades

Shades for outdoor windows are made of weather-resistant, heavy-duty materials and placed outside the glass doors or windows they cover. To reduce heat and sun exposure, outdoor shades are used often on patio doors or windows. However, internal blinds such as solar shades, skylight blinds or conservatory blinds are also used.


Skylight Shades

There are many styles of skylight shades available, including pleated, cellular and roller. These shades can be used to cover skylights that are difficult to reach. Skylight shades can be used to cover or insulate conservatory glass roofs.

Because of their insulation properties, cellular shades are very popular for skylights. Skylight shades are usually equipped with a removable rod that can be used to raise, lower, or adjust the shade. Skylight shades can be raised or lowered using a handle, sometimes with no rod. There are also automatic versions.


Smart Blinds

Although they may look like something from a science fiction book, smart blinds are becoming more common due to smart home technology. Shades and smart blinds are available in both traditional and high-tech styles.

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