The list of 6 best foot massager in India: you must read

by krishna rajput

If you have a problem with foot discomfort, then you can get rid of this difficulty by a best foot massage machine, which you can use after arriving from the office or anywhere, which provides a lot of relief to the muscles of your feet and this best foot massager in India. You can use the machine fit while wasting time with your group or even while watching television and you do not have to go to any massage salon, you can do the best foot massage at your home.


6. JSB Leg Foot Massager Machine


Leg foot massager machine for pain relief with rubber kneading pads to completely massage the foot joint and calf at the same time.

Helps guard blood circulation in men and women, useful in varicose veins, foot pain calf pain, arthritis, knee pain.

Leg massager device can rest up to 45 degrees: Do while sitting/resting, 15 minutes auto-off.

Have 3 styles of wave + 3 modes of kneading, relaxing reflexology wave plate on the sole of the foot, for users up to 5’6″ height: over that top, this leg massager will not cover some part of top calves.

Please turn on the control power button at the side of the device to begin the massager


5. JSB Shiatsu Leg Foot Massager Machine

Shiatsu leg foot massager machine for bone thigh calf pain relief with heat which has formed airbag condensation message with resting vibration for feet, ankle, calves & legs all at the same time.

The upper message board is a plastic covering thighs; Infrared heat in thigh/upper freemartins.

Reflexology surges on the foot insole with unique heel up raising nodal support.

The Leg Massager Machine can be applied as a Knee Massager if practiced from a different side.

1-year on-site door step warranty; AMC possible; dedicated buyer charges help section.

Please turn on the expert power button at the front of the device to begin the massager.


4. JSB Leg Machine best Foot Massager in India 

Helps support blood flow in men and women, active in varicose veins, foot pain calf pain, arthritis, knee pain.

Leg massager device can rest up to 45 degrees: Use while sitting/resting, 15 minutes auto-off.

Have 3 styles of wave+ 3 modes of kneading, resting reflexology vibration service on the sole of the foot, for users up to 5’6″ height: over that height, this leg massager will not include any part of top calves.

Please turn on the master control button at the front of the machine to begin the massager.


3. HealthSense Heal-Touch Foot Massager


Bipedal reflexology system to massage both feet together.

Total foot massage by ordering on relevant points.

Massages suggestive acupuncture tips for long-lasting relief.

Uncommon convex-concave fitness for uniform knowledge order.

Micro-computer led button panel for easy ordering.

Added remote power to work massager.

Do a massage period of 15 min to avoid heating.

Heating function to keep feet heated and incite blood flow.


2. JSB Calf and Airbags Compact Machine best Foot Massager in India

Calf and Foot Massager Machine for Leg Pain Relief; Foldable Design Gives it Compact & Space Saving.

Easy Customized Massage with Air Bags.

Pair Power Panels: One For Foot Massager & One for Full Foot & Calf.

Folding Massage on Calves & Foot

Foot Scrapping Massage

Model for Users Upto 5’6” Maximum

Benefits Improve Blood Flow, Active in Varicose Veins, Foot Pain, Calf Pain, Arthritis.

one  Year JSB National Warranty


1. Dr. Physio Electric Massage Powerful Foot, Calf and Hand Massager Machine

Multifunctional Deep Kneading Massage: Releases shiatsu, folding, and rolling massage with warming. A fitting option for areas like feet, soles, fingers, and arms helps the tensed flesh soon. Releases pain by increasing blood flow.

Manual, WARM, and AUTO CONTROL: Equipped with Auto, Warm, and Standard commands. 4 auto plans can be taken to collect the power of the massage. 3 rates+ 3 prices can be set. Steam and Control button acts in manual mode by failure

Motor: Motor is strong, stable, and quiet. The massager device runs stably, efficiently, and noiseless thankfulness to the high-quality machine.

Customize Carefully and Simply: Delivers gentle warming Issues with heating security. Functionality can be tested or customized quickly through the LED switch panel with an easy touch button. After 15 min, it closes off automatically

Hygienic Detachable Cap: All family parts can use it hygienically. The cover is detachable and permanent. The frame of the cover is ventilated which retains odor away gives the massager more useful to keep it fresh and hygienic

Easy To Take: Lightweight (weighs only 5.4 kg) and small size (dimensions 60 (l) X 34 (w) X 30 (h) cm) are other charming pieces that make it simpler to move it as per demands. ABS body begins with an anti-slip bottom for reliable usability.


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