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Tips To Keep The Whole House Tidy And That You Fulfill Your 2021 Purpose

If you are one of those who this year has proposed to be more organized at home , we have for you up to eight very easy-to-follow tricks that will help you maintain your purpose throughout 2021 . From the entrance of the house, the common areas and even the guest room, keep everything in its place with almost no effort.

Say goodbye to the tedious day when you have to tidy up the house, if you do this every day, you will never have a messy house. Aim.

Tips To Keep The Whole House Tidy

From the moment you enter the house, everything you do makes the difference between having an orderly and a messy house.

1. As Soon As You Enter

You have to get a coat rack and a basket. Why? Because as soon as you enter the house you can hang your coat and bag and not leave it on the sofa, for example. The keys and the wallet, to the basket, if you take this as a habit you will not go around the house again shouting ‘where are my keys ?!’.

2. The Sofa

Relaxing on the couch with a blanket is one of life’s joys. But, when you get up, make sure to put the cushions in place and fold the blanket. How long did it take? 2 minutes, and the difference is very noticeable. For more ideas like this Go to the home depot appliances.

3. In The Room ...

… it is essential to make the bed. Yes, it should be a basic that you have to add to your routine. It also has a lot of benefits, the first is that your room will be more tidy instantly, but what about the pleasure of unpacking the bed at night and getting in? Priceless!

4. The Clothes

It is true that we do not always have to wash the clothes we have put on and that we do not always want to keep them in the closet with the rest freshly ironed.

Try to do this, find a place to put your stretched clothes to ventilate and, when you take off one day’s clothes, put away the previous one. This way you will not accumulate clothes and it will always be perfect to put it on.

5. When You Get Out Of The Shower

A single gesture is capable of changing the feeling between having an orderly bathroom and a messy one and that is … close the shower curtain / screen, also this way you will always keep your shower curtain clean . Hang the towels well so they don’t look chaotic and dry well.

6. The Rules Of The Kitchen

Cooking can cause your countertop to become a battlefield, follow this rule: put everything in its place as soon as you use it. For example, take a spice, use it, and put it back. So when it comes to picking up and cleaning the kitchen, everything will be easier.

Second rule: no dirty dishes from today will be left for tomorrow. It is true that there are times when we do not have time to wash the dishes or pans of food. Find a time of day to dedicate to your kitchen, you will appreciate it very much the next morning.

7. That Room You Don't Use

Having an extra room can become a double-edged sword. Everything that you do not know where to place it, to the guest room, and it is a mistake, ends up becoming a warehouse. Find a place for everything that comes to your house, let that room fulfill the function for which it is intended.

8. The Dressing Table

For this, it is best to get some small baskets or methacrylate boxes, they will help you perfectly maintain the order of your makeup and cosmetics. Make what you use daily more visible, so you will have easier access leaving everything else in its place.

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