Top 3 Strategies For Losing Weight Fast

Safely losing weight is usually a long process when you work with your doctor to stick to a manageable plan. But, as many of us know, weight loss over 30 is more effortless said than done. Most of us don’t expect to see serious results right away and have come to accept that since so many doctors and nutritionists have told us that rapid weight loss is not safe. The good news is that you can use a few healthy strategies for quickly dropping some weight. Here are the three tactics we recommend trying – with the guidance of your doctor or nutritionist, of course.

Eliminate Refined Carbs From Your Diet

Sugars and starches are refined carbs that can hold you back from losing weight and often help people pack on the pounds instead. Reducing refined carbs is good, and eliminating them is ideal. Replacing them with whole grains is helpful since entire grains can reduce hunger levels and keep you from eating many calories. This prompts your body to burn stored fat instead of carbs to generate energy.

Lower carb diets are effective for middle-aged and older adults. While the long-term effects of a low-carb diet are still being researched, it does show a lot of efficacy. The downside is that it can sometimes lead to yo-yo dieting since it is a strict diet. However, working your way down in carbs can be an excellent way to go about it. Start by eliminating just sugar, then work your way through starches. Be sure to add in whole grains as you go to help combat those pesky feelings of hunger.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein is something that many of us are deficient in, such we each such carb-rich diets. However, when you eliminate carbs, you need also to boost your protein intake. Protein can help you build muscle mass while also losing weight, and eating enough of it can improve your body weight, appetite, and even your cardiometabolic risk factors.

The average adult male requires 51-96 grams of protein per day, while the average adult female needs 46-75 grams each day. Those who eat protein-rich diets can feel fuller longer, reduce their obsessive food thoughts and cravings by up to 60 percent, and cut their urge to indulge in late-night snacks in half.

Some of the healthiest protein sources are meat (beef, lamb, and pork), eggs (whole eggs or the yolk), fish and seafood (trout, salmon, and shrimp), and plant-based proteins (tofu, tempeh, beans, quinoa, and legumes). Working these into each meal can help you lose weight and cut down on your urge to eat.

Get Up and Moving

There is no underscoring the importance of just getting up and moving your body. Many of us live highly sedentary lifestyles and do not get anywhere near enough exercise, resulting in mental and physical health issues. Exercise is not precisely required to lose weight, but it can undoubtedly aid in the process. And, quite honestly, it can do wonders for your mental health.

Lifting weights is a great way to burn calories. It also stops your metabolism from slowing down, which can be a byproduct of weight loss. Lifting weights safely at the gym a few times a week can build up muscle while helping you slim down.

But lifting weights might not be possible for everyone, and that’s okay. Any type of cardio workout can be useful with weight loss. Going for a walk every day can help you get your heart rate up, get your blood pumping more efficiently throughout your body, and help you clear your mind. Jogging is a great goal to have, but not everyone will be able to do it right away. Bicycling and swimming are also excellent ways to lose weight.

The power of yoga is also essential to note here. Not only does it teach you to focus your breath and get in tune with your body, but there are some excellent weight loss yoga routines available for free on YouTube. You don’t have to spend a dime to get great yoga instruction.

Getting your diet on track and getting yourself up and moving every day can help you lose weight fast. And, what’s best, it can do so without becoming a danger to your wellbeing. Just be sure to follow your doctor or nutritionist; not only do they know what they are talking about, but they can help you stay motivated to succeed.

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