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Top Recommended Perfumes by Tom Ford

For all the beauty that is exuded by roses, the irresistible scent of sweet orange and spicy pink peppercorn just wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a strong hint of land in the mix. One of the scents from tom Ford’s premium range is the Tom Ford Perfume Collection that features the ylang fragrance with strong oriental undertones. This is part of the premium personal brand range of fragrances developed by acclaimed designer Christian Lacroix. Using the latest blending techniques, Richard herein creates a unique and exotic fragrance that is distinctly feminine.

The fragrance is made using top quality essential oils, along with a variety of floral fragrances such as jasmine, rose, lavender, gardenia, magnolia and bergamot. With a unique blend of heavy and light floral notes, this exotic fragrance is very pleasing to the nose. It has a heady blend of oriental spices like cardamom, cedar, ginger and orange blossom with a touch of amber and muskiness on the exhale. It has a very sensual quality that leaves one wanting more. With the assistance of noted perfumer Richard, the famous designer fragrance was born.

The other two fragrances from Tom Ford Oud wood are Tom Foronda’s Eau D’issey, and Celine Dion’s Les Brides. The Eau D’issey is the fragrance that was created for the singer Gwen Stefani. It is a light, refreshing fragrance, which is delicately reminiscent of peony blossoms. On the other hand, Celine’s fragrance is an absolute stunner, which will leave every woman feeling like royalty. It starts off with floral aromas, like white lily, geranium, lily of the valley and freesia before evolving into muskiness and amber. In fact, it has everything that can make women feel like a queen.

There is no doubt that Tom Ford Oud Cologne is not just for women. This great fragrance is also ideal for men. One of the scents which has really caught attention is Tom Ford Cologne for Men. This powerful fragrance will definitely leave every man in complete reverence. Its main notes are lark, tobacco, ginger and sandalwood, which provide an oriental touch.

When talking about female perfumes, we cannot leave out Celine Dion’s La Dolce Vita. This powerful fragrance is inspired by the eternal love of a lady. It is also inspired by the passion, desire, longing and desire of a man. It is a powerful yet alluring perfume which makes you feel young again. Celine Dion’s fragrance will certainly make you feel beautiful and sensuous. If you are looking for an elegant perfume to wear on the day, then this is it.

A more feminine scent that is often associated with spring or summer is Jasmine by Tom Ford. This fragrance is inspired by the jasmine orange flower. Jasmine opens the senses with its exotic oriental notes. It is then followed by other soft and subtle notes such as rose, Mimosa, peach peel and peach blossom.

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