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Windows with Built in Blinds – Worth it or Not?


Window vertical blinds for sliding glass doors may be convenient but they can also cause problems. It’s possible to pull on one side of the cord too hard, creating a lopsided effect. Perhaps you’re curious about cleaning dusty blinds without having it taken slat to slat. Or, worse, worry that your pet or children might become caught in the cord.

Windows manufacturers have finally come to terms with these issues and made windows with built-in blinds. These blinds can be placed between two windows instead of as a separate treatment. The blinds can either be operated using a remote controller or by magnetic sliders that run along the sides.


However, the blinds being in the glass will change the overall look and behavior as well as the energy efficiency. Although some people find them to be more convenient than others they are not suitable for everyone. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons to help determine if you should replace your integral blind windows.


Inside, the Benefits Of Windows with Blinds

You will find that windows with vertical blinds for sliding glass doors integrated into the glass are more attractive, cleaner, and safer than regular blinds. These are some of top reasons that people install integral blinds in their homes.

Reduced maintenance: Manufacturers claim that blinds placed inside glass make it virtually impossible to dust and clean. Window treatments can collect dust and allergens, but well-sealed windows won’t. Many homeowners find them to be a significant advantage, as cleaning blinds can be tedious.


Less chance of breakage: Blinds behind the glass are more resistant to damage and routine wear. Blinds tend to become brittle over time, especially when you use less expensive vinyl treatments on your windows. Even the best quality products can still be broken or bent by children and pets.

Vertical Blinds for Patio Sliding Glass Doors

The majority of homeowners need to replace blinds about every four or five years. But not so with integral blinds. Although they are not impervious to damage and can be damaged, internal blinds could last as long or longer than the windows. Some even have a ten-year or twenty year warranty.


Safety is a priority for families with young kids: Integral vertical blinds for sliding glass doors can be safer than traditional blinds, especially if your toddler-aged children live in the house. Traditional blinds are a danger to children under three years old.

Parents for Window Blind Safety estimates that there have been nearly 600 cord-related deaths in the last 30 year. Integral blinds can be completely cordless so parents have a lot of peace of heart.


It can be tricky to operate blinds. But the magnetized slider streamlines the entire process. You can opt for a motorized version to save yourself the effort of manually operating it. Integral blinds work well with large glass doors since they don’t swing around and interfere with the door’s movement.


Cons of built in window blinds

However, the cons of installing built-in blinds are that they can be expensive, may not look great on your windows, and could reduce your window’s energy consumption. Here are some more downsides of built-in windows blinds.


The price of a new window with embedded blinds will be higher than purchasing a pair of blinds. Manufacturers often classify windows that have integral blinds in specialty products. That means you’ll spend more than traditional ones.


Limitations in design options: If you opt for internal blinds, this is another issue. The traditional blinds are available with almost any material that you can imagine, from bamboo, aluminum, or pine. However, the options you have may be restricted if internal blinds are purchased. A slider also means you won’t find them in many other styles like Venetian or roller blinds.


Insulating windows with argon will decrease energy efficiency. Manufacturers seal double pane windows to stop drafts. To preserve the integrity, window treatments may be protected by integral blinds. Manufacturers might opt for argon insulation. It can also lower the U factor of the window, which indicates how much insulation it has. For this reason, triple pane windows models are recommended. They will have a separate layer of insulated glass.


In the end, if you are looking for new windows and don’t like traditional window treatments, replacements could be an option. Integral blinds make opening and closing windows much simpler. There’s no one who wouldn’t like a little less effort in their daily lives.


Although windows and doors are often beautiful, they can provide less privacy than what we want.

A sliding-glass door is a great addition for any home. They offer easy access to the exterior without encroaching in your indoor space or outdoor space. These stylish accessories are perfect for large, wide-opening doors and windows. Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors offer more privacy, lower energy bills and can absorb sound, creating an atmosphere that is more comfortable for you.


Here are some great tips about sliding glass blinds. If you have any other window treatments in your room, it is a good choice to select a treatment that coordinates.


Vertical Blinds for Patio Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors can open vertically. We recommend window treatments opening in the same direction of the door as the glass. Sliding doors can be as high-traffic as other doors in your house. This is why you need to ensure the window treatment can take the daily use.

There are plenty of options available if you’re looking for something more than just verticals for your sliding door. Soft fabric window treatments can cover larger windows with roller shades, roman shade, or drapes.


You have many options when it comes to window treatments. Our extensive selection of blinds comes in vinyl, fabric and real wood finishes. You will find a variety to choose from, including a wide range styles, colors textures, and patterns, that will complement any décor. Vertical blinds for sliding glass doors  work well with large windows and doors.

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