Web Series Based on Marvel Comics

Comics are an especially popular type of entertainment content for quite it slow now. Not surprisingly, the film companies decided to require the creation of superhero series. The primary attempts have been made since the center of the last century. However, the heyday of series of this sort began only with the onset of the XXI century. Different studios are involved in the creation of series-supported comics, but the very best quality projects are created within the Marvel universe.

  1. “Agents of SHIELD” 

The primary episodes of the series were released in 2013 and were warmly received by the audience. To date, there are only 6 seasons, and therefore the next one, to the good regret of the fans, has been announced because of the final one. The series tells about the work of secret agents who, on duty, often must accommodate various superheroes and supervillains.

  1. “Punisher” 

The series has two seasons, which were released in 2017-2019. it’s perfect for fans of short, complete stories. a complete 26 episodes were filmed, and no sequels are planned. The series is based on a series of comics of the same name. The creators managed to quite accurately convey the dark atmosphere of the first. A separate feature of the series could be a huge number of scenes of violence and cruelty. 

  1. “Daredevil”

The series is predicated on the drawing Man without worrying. The best character may be a successful American lawyer. Within the daytime, he’s engaged in participation in trials and also the protection of the innocent, and in the dead of night, he confronts criminals with not entirely legal methods. The series ended in season 3, which was released in 2018. 

  1. “Jessica Jones”

After the dizzying success of Daredevil, Marvel realized that audiences required serious topics in a very superhero wrapper. The plot of the series will tell the difficult story of a detective girl who has superhuman abilities. A notable feature of this series is the combination of psychological thrillers, crime drama, and noir detective.

  1. “Runaways” 

Youth TV series, which is an adaptation of the magazine of the identical name. Like other TV shows on this list, it belongs to the MCU, but at the same time, it practically doesn’t overlap with other corporate projects of corporate. Because of the standard work of the creators, the series will be interesting not just for mag fans, but also for ordinary viewers.

  1. “Cloak and dagger” 

The premiere of this project materialized in June 2018. At the moment, only 2 seasons are filmed. within the center of the story are the foremost unlike one another, a woman and a boy. A standard tragedy was ready to unite opposites, which also awakened superpowers within the heroes.

  1. “Luke Cage” 

The series is devoted to 1 of the foremost memorable members of The Defenders team. Luke Cage possesses immense physical strength and is virtually proof of firearm damage. The series is slightly weaker than “Jessica Jones” and “Daredevil” in terms of plot but should generate some interest among fans of African American culture.

  1. “Legion”

This series could be a rather unusual project from Marvel. The character is played by a mutant who suffers from a dissociative disorder. This offers the writers a reason to target the character’s feelings and thoughts. The premiere of the series occurred in 2017, at the instant there are 3 full seasons.

  1. “Agent Carter” 

The series will tell about the youth of Peggy Carter, who is the beloved of the famous Captain America. The most emphasis is placed on the hard part of a girl in a very typically male profession. The series wasn’t favored by critics and viewers, but many note the peerless recreated atmosphere of the U.S. at the center of the last century.

  1. “Blade”  

This series takes pride of place on the list. it absolutely was released back in 2006. The plot develops after the events of the film “Blade: Trinity”. Although the project had certain merit, its ratings remained rather low. Only 1 season of 12 episodes was filmed.

  1. “Iron Fist” 

Pinpointing one issue with Netflix’s fourth Marvel series is like making it through a whole conversation without mentioning you’re the Immortal control. It simply can not be done, a minimum of without dangerously draining your chi. Under showrunner Scott Buck, control was plagued with criticism from the instant Finn Jones was announced as estranged boy billionaire Danny Rand; it is not that the selection wasn’t comics accurate—Danny has always been a blonde-haired white dude—it’s that those original comics a few skinny white New Yorker who becomes the simplest at martial arts were over a touch to start with. But Netflix powered on, hoping the standard of the show would be high enough to tamper down the detractors.


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