Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship

The Global Indian International School has taken several initiatives to ensure that students receive financial assistance in the form of scholarship awards. One of these initiatives is the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship, which aims to make education affordable for all students across the financial spectrum. The idea is to make education accessible while encouraging academic performance.

This scholarship is provided to Malaysian students who are a part of the GIIS fraternity. The scholarship is provided across all grades and has a tenure of two years. It acts as an excellent learning opportunity for these young students who have shown commendable academic performance for the past two years.

In this post, we will discuss the requirements you should fulfill to apply for the Tunku Andal Rahman Scholarship. But before we do, we will briefly look at the categories, eligibility criteria, and the steps you can take to secure this scholarship. Let’s begin.

Scholarship Categories:

The recipients of the scholarship can be divided into four sub-categories. The scholarship amount that is disbursed to the student will depend on the category they fall in as per their gross family income.

Here are the four categories:

  • Category A: This involves students who have a gross family income below RM 120K. These students get 80% off on their tuition fees.
  • Category B: This category involves students with a gross family income between RM 120K- RM 160K. These students get 35% off on tuition fees.
  • Category C: This involves students who have a gross family income between RM 161K- RM 200K. These students get 25% off on their tuition fees.
  • Category D: This category involves students who have a gross family income between RM 201K- RM 250K. These students get 15% off on tuition fees.

Eligibility criteria:

To be able to apply for this scholarship, the student must meet the following requirements:

  • They should be Malaysian residents.
  • They should have demonstrated exceptional academic performance in the past two years.
  • Students from grades 1 to 12 are eligible to apply for the scholarship.
  • The student should belong to a moderate-income family.

Steps you should take to secure the scholarship:

To be able to secure the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship, the candidate has to follow the given steps.

  • The first step requires you to fill the application form correctly.
  • The second step is documentation, which requires you to submit all the required documents. These include academic records for the past two years, family income documents/tax assessment (IRB MALAYSIA assessment document /CCM MALAYSIA) for the past two years and a self-declaration form for Gross Family Income.
  • The approved candidates will be notified within ten working days.
  • The next step is the scholarship assessment of the candidate.
  • A one on one interview will follow this.
  • Selected candidates will receive the scholarship.

The Global School Foundation wishes to extend its support to the brightest students by providing them financial assistance through various scholarship programs. The motive of the programs is to inspire students to do better and reward their efforts.

The scholarship program acts as financial support and helps with the school fees. The recipients of such prestigious scholarships have much better prospects in the future. As such, we can say that the scholarship opens up a world of endless opportunities for them where they can pursue anything they desire.

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