What Do Private Investigators Say About Financial Infidelity?

In a marriage, one of the most frightening things that can happen is financial infidelity. It is an act in which one of the partners makes significant financial moves without letting the other person know. Financial infidelity not only endangers asset security, but it also destroys the two most crucial aspects of marriage – trust and compassion. When it is uncovered, it wrecks the bond and everything good that comes with it. 

The tricky part of financial infidelity is that it is hard to detect. You might feel that something is amiss with your expenses, but gathering the exact details is challenging. Even so, there is always a way. Just like people hire private investigators to find an address of a person, you can also appoint one to clear your suspicions for financial infidelity. 

Private detectives are the experts in investigating financial theft. According to the most successful private investigators, you need to be aware of the following red flags that suggest financial infidelity taking place in your marriage. 


#1 Finding statements for a credit card that you are unaware of 

If you come across bank statements for a credit card that you know nothing about, this only points towards the fact that your spouse has an account, presumably with a balance. The chances that the spending on that card was disguised from you are high in such cases. That is a problem because someone has to pay off that card, and it is likely going to be you. 


The money that will go into paying off the debt will come from the family budget, in some way or another. As a result, your savings will suffer a massive loss. Other than that, a hidden credit card is also an indication of indirect dishonesty that should not exist in a healthy marriage. 


#2 Getting removed from a joint credit card

It is normal for married people to have joint accounts. They are a smart way to limit their spendings and save some for future goals. If you have one, and you suddenly get removed from it, that means your spouse has some plans of using it, without wanting to keep you in the loop. 


Withdrawing from a joint card makes sense when a wallet has been stolen or when you are planning to increase your credit score. Other than that, if you are not authorized on an account that you share with your partner, suspicions for financial infidelity may arise. By hiring a private investigator, you can know for sure if your spouse is being deceitful with the finances.


#3 Cash going missing

Is the amount in your savings account decreasing at a fast pace all of a sudden? Or are your statements indicating several ATM withdrawals that are unexpected? If you are unaware of where all the cash is going, it’s a thing to be concerned about. In the case you share an account with your spouse, it is your right to know where the cash is going from ATM withdrawals.


#4 Your spouse getting new possessions frequently 

If you are noticing that your partner suddenly has a new phone, a brand-new tablet, a set of branded clothes, and recurrent lunch and dinners at expensive restaurants, without talking about the source of all that spending, is problematic in many ways. If the expenditures are showing up on your bills, the impact on your savings will be immense. 


Private investigators suggest that you can control the limitless spending of your spouse by offering them a budget for free-spending monthly. This will help you regulate the finances with clearer insight, and also mitigates the chances of financial infidelity. 


#5 Your spouse exhibits emotional tantrums when you talk about money 

If your partner acts emotionally aggressive when you discuss the topic of money, it clearly indicates that something is amiss. One of the possibilities is financial infidelity. Some people indeed show less interest when it comes to talking about expenses. However, showcasing a strong negative emotion like tears, anger, and annoyance points a clear finger to a worrisome issue, including secretive spending. 


Lastly, in a marriage, the element that matters the most is trust. Before letting your suspicions get the best of you, do the right thing and get in touch with a private detective, who can clear all your doubts.

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