WhatsApp Launches

WhatsApp Launches 3 New Functions

In the market are available hundreds of programs for a chat. In all these programs, the stand out one thing is the popularity of WhatsApp. It has a user-friendly attachment. To use this messenger, we do not need to in this field become an expert. Even anyone that little know about the internet can easily use this app. Therefore, for every website, it becomes imperative to have a messenger version available to its users.

In the US might be a messaging app little known as WhatsApp. But in many parts of the world, it is an important part of everyday life. In the world, it is the most popular service app for messaging that is Facebook-owned.

The mobile apps that are offer free are one of them, and the messaging app internet-based. Primarily WhatsApp relies on the connection of WiFi to message send and receive and for free calls.

The WhatsApp app’s quality is simple to use and has some other best features that best than SMS messaging and all in free. cheap article writing is using it to easily connect with the students.

How does WhatsApp work?

We can use this app for messages and calls or even for international calls without fees. It is not only a just messaging app, but it also provides other advantages. These are:

 Video and voice calls: Both video and voice calls offer this app a group function, including that allowed at one time to eight persons at one call.

 Voice messaging: During Chats, we can send voice messages by recording to individuals or even in groups.

 Secure messaging: WhatsApp provides secure communication that only those can read that send messages.

 Video sharing and Photos: In traditional SMS messaging, we cant send photos or videos on some mobiles. So through this app, we can easily send pictures, videos, or GIFs.

 Document sharing: All types of messages we can send through this app.

 Desktop access: For PC and Mac desktop version also offers WhatsApp.

 WhatsApp business: A business account is also designed WhatsApp so it can showcase entrepreneurs their connection and products with their customers on this familiar and convenient platform.

How WhatsApp to use?

App to get started using, we will need first to download this app, and an account then create. Creating an account requires a phone number. Like other apps, a username is not required for this account on WhatsApp. The only thing that it requires is a phone number and identify people with their contact numbers. Its means that in our contact list, people that using WhatsApp automatically will add to our account. Once we are running this app, we know that what we can do with this app.

Indeed WhatsApp already best features or functions. But now launches 3 more functions of WhatsApp. After these functions, indeed, the popularity of WhatsApp will increase more.

 These three functions are:

  1. Custom Wallpapers
  2. Sticker search engine
  3. Sticker packs

 Custom wallpapers

The first function that WhatsApp launched is the custom wallpapers. And it considers a messaging platform that announced personalized backgrounds for every chat. But later, there is only one wallpaper for every chat. Noe people can select different wallpapers for their different chats. Like they can select one for friends, family group school or for crush or partner.

So, according to their choice, they can select these wallpapers.

And it is also said that about this new function, WhatsApp also including more pictures of architecture or nature with light or dark mode that will be best for wallpapers.

 How can we change for a single chat the wallpaper?

  1. Open that one chat that we want to change its wallpaper
  2. For more options that will show by three dots, click on it
  3. Then to wallpaper go on’
  4. Then background category select and choose that picture that we want to set on our chat wallpaper

Stickers search engine

The second function that lunches WhatsApp is a stickers search engine. The people that are used to using stickers while conversations then they will love this function. Because finding stickers during conversation is time-wasting. But by this function, they can easily find stickers.

Now on a search engine, they will find it easily. It works by placing an emoji, typing, or browsing common categories. But everything in this life is not easy. With the sticker creation help, more improvements on this search engine of stickers are continued. And also, it thinks that it will link with the related words and emojis.

 Stickers packs

Sticker packs the third function that launches WhatsApp. It is the improvements that will be a new package of the WHO animated stickers. And Together at home, it is called that, and in 9 different languages, it will be translated. And the purpose of creating this function is to share between family and friends to show affection even from the distance.

 Other previous functions of WhatsApp updating

The first function of WhatsApp that is updating is Audio and Video recording. We can take images and videos with us on the go. It means that there is no need for us to using another camera service. Moreover, we can send these directly to our friends through WhatsApp sending them.

The next one that improved function is security measures. Like most other services of messengers, there is a limit to the added number of contacts. Due to this most people limit their usage of phones and focus on their performance of computers. This is the significant and best reason people prefer this messaging app because it provides security and privacy best features.

And the other function that updating is group chat. As with the name, we understand that we can talk and share information on a group chat with different buddies. Through this, we can easily send many messages to several people at one time and get answers in seconds.

The companies will get results always be right if they use these one’s functions. But it is not something like that for all types of communication work. However, it works for the best straightforward conversation and short messages.

So what in these services has changed. More storage space has got. For messenger services, it was challenging to store videos or pictures with large files. So the solution to this problem has got WhatsApp.

So by using the same service, we can keep data with a considerable amount.

The useful app is considered WhatsApp for messaging. And with more functions, updating previous this app will be the best and popular app.

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