When moving house earns you money

When moving means saving money

Moving often means losing money. It is not anything to move, it often entails costs: The search for a new place to live, new furniture, new bedding, moving supplies such as cardboard boxes, adhesive tape, etc. The move also includes the rental of a truck, perhaps even using a company specializing in moving, not to mention the formalities to be done with the administrations and the termination procedures with electricity, gas, l water, and the Internet.

In conclusion, moving is not easy, it is a whole organization, it is time and especially money.

Une Piece En Plus gives you some tips for not spending too much throughout your move and tips for earning more.

Let’s start with, first of all, solutions to spend the least money on a move  :

  • Sell ​​the excess of your stuff
  • Find boxes to avoid buying them
  • Prefer a move on foot and not by car, especially if your future accommodation is near the previous one
  • Use blankets, covers, safety protections already used by other individuals. To do this, probe around you, there is a friend or neighbor who will agree to lend you his devil, straps, and meters of adhesive tape. Hence the importance of staying on good terms with your neighborhood!

 When moving brings in money

In this part of the article, we will present you with several concrete solutions to earn money during a move. We have noticed that it is possible to save money when moving. We will now see how to earn it.

It is still very rare that we move along, that we move our boxes and furniture with both arms. Moving presupposes that we call on labor. There are companies specializing in moving, but generally, this type of service is quite expensive. The only solution is to appeal to friends or relatives. Once again, the questions that may arise: are they available? Do they have the arms and the template to move? It is already less certain.

In 2019, there is a solution to find arms at a lower cost. Websites and real networking platforms have been created to meet this type of need. That is people who move and who need arms and people who rent their arms. A certain interest for both parties: cheaper labor for those who move and the assurance of earning money for those who hire their services.

Another tip for making money when moving is to help other than carrying boxes. You can offer to pack personal belongings, assemble and reassemble furniture, drive the moving truck, rent a moving vehicle, etc. Indeed, you can hire your services, your skills via websites and networking platforms.

Save space and store your belongings

It is possible to save space at home thanks to the new generation’s self-storage. Now you can store your personal belongings, during a move or any other project and earn money.

Your partner Une Piece En Plus supports you in your storage project while saving you money. Upstream, you have the possibility to calculate the volume of your personal belongings to pay only the necessary surface. At no time do you pay for unused square meters?

Likewise, each storage site, each storage unit, and box are adapted and secure, to allow you to benefit from a volume in line with your needs.

All our services are tailor-made, to give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of self-storage products (box, storage, unloading area, packaging and storage products, etc.)

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