wonderful things to do in 2021 for a wonderful holiday in Kerala

Kerala deserves totally to be called the Own Country of God. It is one of the world’s most beautiful places and not just India, thanks to the unforgettable experiences of Kerala. There are plenty to be enjoyed in Kerala from the green hills in the West Ghat, the beautiful beaches of the Arab Sea, backwater, beautiful settlements in the wild, the ancient traditional Ayurvedic centres.


Every experience is famous for its stunning scenery. If you are staying at the beautiful treehouse, sailing houseboats on the backwaters, adventure, relaxing, learning about ancient history, or more, Kerala is wonderful!


Here’s a list of the best things to do for your vacation, holiday or a relaxing holiday with your family in Kerala.


Houseboat trip in Alleppey on backwaters


Alleppey lists one of Kerala’s top places to visit. This is the refuge for nature lovers, blessed with the charming backwaters. Traditional houseboat sailing in the backwaters is truly one of Kerala’s rare experiences. It is above all a great pleasure, whether it’s a holiday with your whole family or a Kerala honeymoon with love.


A visit of lush greenery, sweeping palm trees, old towns and more to the blessed eco-sphere. Enjoy comfort and simple amenities like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.


Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation


Kolukkumalai is renowned for adventure, relaxation, and elegance, one of the biggest tea plantations in the country. Explore rugged routes and settle down in the majestic landscape of the mountains. Sightseeing is the most significant sight, but the unique taste of the tea right in the middle of the plantations is just as good. You can also purchase fresh tea packages on the main factory in addition to paying a visit.


Ashtamudi’s backwater stretch


Ashtamudi’s backwaters are one of the most beautiful locations in Kerala. Renowned for backwaters up to 16 km in length. The spectacular views of 8 lakes are served by the names of Ashtamudi and the lakes of Kanjirottu, Kumbalath, Kureepuzha, Kandachira, Perumon, Thevalley, Kallada, and Kumbalat Lakes.


The beauty is enhanced by traditional houseboats, small cruises and fishing nets. Discover the Heaven, flying through Ashtamudi’s backwater stretch.


Attend a Kathakali 

Kathakali, a cultural treasure from Kerala, is one of India’s classic dance styles. Developed masks with vivid colours, unbelievable textures, make-up and costumes, create a truly fascinating image. See a show and be interested with the style of dance art. It’s one of Kerala’s best experiences.


Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort

Ayurveda is a former holistic healing science from around 5000 years ago. While it is a long-standing knowledge, it is as strong today as it was in previous times. There are a variety of resorts and centres of Ayurveda in Kerala that make Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort one of India’s best resorts.


In addition, the resort provides Ayurveda treatment, which was literally derived from the mother of all medicine, evidence of exceptional health care for tourists for more than 25 years. Like its brand, this resort deals with disease care, well-being therapy, rejuvenation, stress management or other treatments. Here you will feel the true form of happiness.


Varkala Beach


Called one of India’s best beaches, Varkala is not only one of Kerala’s must see, but also an experience to enjoy. The seaside along the Arabian Sea, dotted with cliffs and sands, offers beauty and adventure.


Varkala beach is popular for sunbathing, swimming and peaceful surroundings. Known as a blissful beach getaway in South India. Often known as a place where pilgrims come to seek purification from sin and redemption.


Vivanta by Taj, Bekal

A sanctuary for tourists in Kerala, without doubt. Taj Bekal, helps the guests to enjoy a special atmosphere in one of 66 laterite villas and rooms. Bekal gives the hotel its greatest comfort overlooking one of India’s most stunning beaches.


The houseboat Ketuvallam, leaf paintings, spiritual themes and serenity characterise Vivanta’s elegance. The opulence of the Taj also makes you one of the best things in Kerala to stay at this luxurious hotel.


Surya Samudra Kovalam


Surya Samudra, also known as romantic and happy, is one of Kovalam’s best luxury hotels. Discover Trivandrum’s romantic sea-side view. Treat yourself to Niraamaya Spa spa treatments. The spacious rooms are equipped with the dreamy and elegant appearance of terracotta rooms, wooden pillars, tiled floors.


Enjoy an enjoyable break from the busy towns. It is one of Kerala’s favourite experiences to include in your vacation.

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