Yoga Changes Life: 8 Reasons You Should Never Start Yoga

Have you successfully avoided stepping onto the yoga mat so far? OK then! If you are about to give it a try: Here are eight good reasons against yoga.

Yoga students and teachers rave about the positive effects of regular yoga practice: it should make your body fit, relax your mind and be really good for the soul: an all-round package for a happier life. Sounds pretty tempting. What nobody talks about: Yoga has its downsides. Almost unnoticed, it could dissolve your cherished habits. The following 8 life changes may develop from a regular yoga practice.

1. No more long nights with little sleep

Are you a party animal or a serial junkie? Beware: Yoga kills your long nights. And you can not watch anymore your favorite movies and series on Netflix, kissanime, and even not play all night games on PS5. You could experience addictive happiness on the mat. So that at dawn you catch yourself breathing deeply in the dog looking down – and even go to bed early in the evening.

2. Yoga will open your heart
The more flexible and soft your body becomes, the softer and more permeable your heart will become. As you stretch and breathe the stiffness from your muscles, you will also get rid of the tightness and pressure from your deepest core. Yoga is rooted in the love of life – most hearts fail to hold on to it.

3. You take responsibility
What happens on the mat reflects you and your life. You will suddenly realize in which situations and how often you blame other people for what is happening in your life – and that it is actually not their responsibility. You might even come to the conclusion that you have the power to change your life and make you happy. So if you have a lot of fun relinquishing your responsibility, then don’t do yoga.

4. Do you love drama? Then stay away from yoga
It is quite difficult to live a life with the usual excitement and emotional outbursts when you practice yoga regularly. It could even get to the point that other people don’t want to tell you about their life anymore: Because you enjoy peace and quiet so much that you just don’t feel like dealing with the dramas of others – let alone your own.

5. Gossip about others is no longer fun
If you liked to make fun of others beforehand and it was one of your favorite hobbies to judge the supposed weaknesses and mistakes of others, then it will just seem to mean to you as a yogi. Chances are you will much rather spend your precious time raving about all of the wonderful people who surround you and the great things they do. That will almost certainly mean the end of friendships that have previously thrived on gossip.

6. You will perceive your feelings
As soon as we come into contact with our bodies, we also come into contact with our thoughts. From there it’s just a little lunge to our feelings. If you prefer to run away from your feelings, then you should give heel money now as soon as you see a yoga mat.

7. Warning: you will probably show your feelings
If you aren’t the type to show emotions in public, then yoga is probably not for you. Because you can never know when the teacher is simply saying the right thing to open your emotional locks, or when you are going into the right heart opener exercise to let tears flow.

8. Yoga will take away your pleasure in anything that is not good for you
Unfortunately, this also includes the things that you have always had a lot of fun with on the face of it. You will come into contact with yourself so much that you can feel which habits are really good for you and which are not. In the long run, this will spoil your desire for cigarettes, alcohol, unhealthy food, constant complaining, too little sleep, too much work, and much more. So if you love your life the way it is now, then don’t start with yoga.

Risk and side effects of natural medicine yoga

Of course, all these “reasons against yoga” are accompanied by a wink. And of course, there are yogis who still drink alcohol, smoke, and eat unhealthy things. But they have developed more mindfulness and are more aware of their habits. This is an important step. But you are and will remain the boss: Only you decide what happens to you and when, where, and how quickly you break new ground. With this in mind: make yourself happy – with or without a mat!

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